I Spent a Year Living Out of a Suitcase — Here’s What I Always Look for Now When Buying Luggage

In 2018, I spent a year travelling the world and living out of a suitcase (plus one carry-on). That suitcase was dragged on sand and hauled onto bobbing boats, wheeled across fancy hotel lobbies and yanked down cobblestone streets as I desperately tried to flag down departing buses.

My poor ol’ suitcase was subjected to (or treated to, depending on how you look at it) a lot. But because of that, I now know the importance in investing in quality luggage. What I’ll always now be looking for is a suitcase that doesn’t weigh a lot (as it’ll add to your baggage allowance), is easy to wheel, has plenty of room inside to pack all my belongings and is made from a sturdy material.

American Tourister
Image: American Tourister

If you’re looking to get out and finally head overseas (or even just head out on a weekend getaway) once borders open, might I suggest you look for those features, too. And might I point you in the direction of American Tourister, a brand with some of the best value luggage and bag offerings I’ve seen in Australia and also plenty of detail on the luggage pieces on their site.

Plus, all their luggage comes with a 10-year global warranty so if you’re having any issues with them, you can take them in to get looked at service centres in over 100 countries.

So, specifically, what kind of suitcases should you be looking to buy from American Tourister? Well, firstly, I’d recommend you get both a small wheely bag for weekend trips and then another bigger wheely bag for domestic long stays or overseas holidays. I’d also go black for both (but that’s just me!). Sure, it’ll be harder to spot when it’s coming out on the luggage carousel, but a suitcase is something you’ll want to keep using years from now, and what if your colour tastes change by then?

And finally, I’d really take advantage of the level of detail American Tourister puts into outlining the luggage features. If you’re getting a carry-on, take a look at the suitcase’s measurements and see if they fit with the airline’s standards — the site has a handy airline carry-on guide with all the airlines’ carry-on maximum specs listed. And, for any piece you’re getting, I’d also be sure to browse all the different styles and read all the reviews conveniently listed before you buy.

If you use the code GIFT with your suitcase buy, you’ll get a free anti-microbial pouch kit, handy for holding your passport, keys and anything else.

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