These Are the 5 Most Sought-After Skills on LinkedIn Right Now


The events of 2020 have had a significant impact on the Australian workforce — the virus taking its tolls on a number of once-secure industries. With the unemployment rate at 6.8%, many Australians have found themselves without a job, or on reduced hours of work.

“For many Australians, COVID-19 has turned working life upside down. Sudden job losses, decreased working hours and rapid adjustments to working from home have created changes no one could have predicted,” Kendra Banks, SEEK‘s managing director, Australia and New Zealand, tells The Latch.

Now, data would show companies have begun slowly hiring once more, and while the job landscape stretches far across a range of industries, it would seem there’s been something of a trend in the skills employers are looking for in their next hires.

From a number of recent job postings on LinkedIn, the career-building platform has been able to define five of the most desired skills companies are looking for right now. Keep these in mind as you apply for any roles in the future, or perhaps look to this list if you’re looking for an area to upskill in.

1. Communication

Whether internal, external or in a client-facing capacity, communication skills have become increasingly sought-after in new hires. Employers want to know their staff can communicate effectively with each other, with clients and with the industry, showing empathy, transparency and understanding.

2. Business management

Business management as a skill refers to an overarching understanding of the way a business operates, from strategy and marketing to business developement. According to UpCounsel, business management “is managing the coordination and organisation of business activities.

“This typically includes the production of materials, money, and machines, and involves both innovation and marketing.”

3. Problem solving

We don’t need a degree in problem-solving to understand why skills like these are valuable in today’s climate. A good problem solver knows how to find solutions to business challenges calmly and effectively, using problem-solving techniques and making decisions after critical thinking.

4. Data science

According to Codeacademy, data science “combines other well-known fields such as probability, statistics, analytics, and computer science”, to take data and transform it into meaningful information that will help a business make decisions.

“Data science is defined as sort of the intersection between statistics, software engineering, and domain or business knowledge. So you have to have a little bit of coding skills, a little bit of statistics skills, and a little bit of knowledge about your business,” Catherine Zhou, Codeacademy’s own data scientist, says in a blog post.

5. Data storage technologies

According to Study.com, data storage technologies refers to the methods in which businesses store user data, of which there are constantly new systems being created all the time.

“Some store data temporarily, and some for long periods of time. Many stay inside a computer or device, while others are portable and can be used on different devices or kept in other locations,” the guide reads.

Other desirable skills for employee hires include leadership, project management and employee learning and development. You can find out more about LinkedIn’s most desirable skills here.

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