A Top Perth Chef on How the City’s Dining Scene Has Evolved and Where He Eats

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Ten years ago, the dining scene in Perth had limited options. It was focused on traditional Australian cuisine, with few to no international influences and innovative concepts, describes Auditya Gunti, Chef de Cuisine at Crown Perth.

Fast forward to today, and the West Coast city has been experiencing a surge in culinary creativity, driven by a flourishing foodie culture. It’s becoming increasingly multicultural, reflecting the city’s diverse population. Now, alongside those traditional Australian eateries, you’ll find authentic Asian spots, modern European bistros, Mediterranean restaurants and vegan joints.

“The city’s chefs and restauranteurs are continually pushing boundaries, creating innovative dishes and embracing global flavours and techniques,” says Gunti. “Another notable evolution has been the emphasis on quality, sustainability and farm-to-table dining. Many restaurants in Perth now prioritise locally sourced ingredients, organic produce and ethical farming practices.”

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Gunti says these restaurants cater to a growing demand for healthier and more environmentally conscious food options. Technology, he says, has also played a key role in transforming Perth’s dining scene. The city has experienced a rise in food delivery services and social media influencing dining trends.

The main areas to eat in Perth are the CBD, where you’ll find lots of dining options, from casual cafés to fancy restaurants. Gunti says the venues lining Hay Street, Murray Street and St Georges Terrace are highlights. In Northbridge, an area near the CBD, you’ll find trendy bars, fusion restaurants and authentic international cuisine, most of them lining William Street and James Street.

Fremantle is home to waterfront restaurants, seafood markets and craft breweries. Gunti suggests checking out Fremantle Markets and South Terrace. Mount Lawley and Highgate have trendy cafés and cosy wine bars. There, Beaufort Street is a hotspot for burgers and modern Australian. Finally, the suburb of Subiaco, particularly Rokeby Road and Hay Street, is brimming with restaurants, cafés and wine bars.

Ahead, Gunti shares some of the places he considers to be the best restaurants in Perth.

The Meat & Wine Co

The Meat & Wine Co is easily one of the best steakhouses with dry-aged steaks in Perth. My recommended dish is the sticky chilli glazed pork belly, dry-aged steak.”


Epicurean is within Crown Perth, overlooking the resort’s lagoon pools. It’s a buffet restaurant with an open-kitchen concept, serving Indian, Japanese, Chinese and Italian. The seafood includes fresh oysters and prawns, and don’t miss the dessert spread, particularly the chocolate fountain.”

Viet Hoa

“For authentic Vietnamese cuisine, head to family-owned Viet Hoa. The vibe is casual, and the décor is simple. It’s great to visit at lunchtime for a quick bite. I recommend you try the pho.”


Chakra is an Indian restaurant with colourful décor. It’s great for both casual outings and special occasions. Start with the Pani Puri and then for mains, try the charcoal smoked dhungar chicken, eggplant bartha, masala okras. Don’t forget to order some turmeric layered masala paratha to accompany.”

Toastface Grillah

Toastface Grillah has three locations in Perth. It’s a funky, laid-back eatery with street art that’s perfect for quick lunches. I recommend ordering the pulled pork and cheese toast.”


“Another restaurant at Crown Perth, Nobu serves modern Japanese cuisine in a trendy atmosphere. Opt for a seat at the sushi bar for a front-row view of the chefs at work. I recommend you order the signature yellow tail jalapeno, Nobu-style tacos.”

Long Chim

Long Chim is a high-end Thai restaurant at St Georges Terrace. It’s best for lively dinners with friends. I recommend the fish cakes, Thai curry and Pad Thai here.”


A2B in Harrisdale offers a true taste of South India, with vegetarian meals, snacks and sweets. Order the Mysore Masala Dosa, Puri Kurma and finish with a glass of Nannari Sarbath.”

Good Fortune Roast Duck House

Good Fortune Roast Duck House is a traditional Chinese restaurant specialising in roast duck. You won’t go wrong with the Sambal Kailan, Roasted Peking Duck or Szechuan King Prawn with steamed jasmine rice.”


“At Petra in Victoria Park, you’ll find a great Middle Eastern restaurant experience. I recommend you try the Mandi or Kabsa and Knafeh for dessert.”

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