These Are Best Places to Watch the Sunrise Melbourne


There are few things that are more beautiful than a sunrise. Watching the sun appear, changing the colour of the sky as it rises from night time navy, to a glowing amber, to pastel pinks and lilacs, which eventually turn into blue, is arguably the best way to start the day.

So, if you’re an early riser and love an early morning walk or a sunrise view to start your day, then we have some glorious spots for you. If not, let these photos convince you.

These are Melbourne’s best places to watch the sunrise.


Dendy Street Beach

Dendy Street Beach is well-known for its brightly painted bathing boxes that date back to 1881, which are always a beautiful view, but at dawn, it’s at its most beautiful of all. Think fiery orange, soft corals, lilacs and bright pinks that reflect off the ocean waves, with a panoramic view of the city skyline, it’s literally everything you could want from a sunrise.


Shrine of Remembrance

Birdwood Avenue
The actual Shrine of Remembrance doesn’t open until 10am, but watching the sunrise over the building is not only absolutely breathtaking, it’s a meaningful reminder of the men and women who served in war. An iconic Melbourne structure, the shrine opened 1934, built to honour Victorias who served during World War I, housing over 800 artifacts dating back to the 1850s. Take a coffee to enjoy the sunrise at dawn, go for a walk in the gardens and then go investigate inside the shrine.

Instagram / @jasonshack_photography

Princes Pier

Port Phillip Bay
You’ve almost definitely seen photos of Princes Pier, mostly for its glorious sunrises and sunsets, as well as its history. Built between 1912 and 1915, it was originally the Railway Pier, which was a major arrival point for new migrants, especially through the post-war period. In 2006, some bad quality timber was restored, leaving a half old, half new, creating a haunting view of Victorian history. Attracting photographers and history nerds from all over, it’s also a glorious place to see the sun rise (or set).

Instagram / @justine.belda

Albert Park Lake

Albert Park
Just three kilometres out of the CBD, joggers love the circular path around Albert Park Lake, which is especially beautiful at night time. The park includes sporting facilities such as a gym, an aquatic centre, and golf course, as well as being a popular place for water sports, like rowing. It’s perfect for those who want to do something active with the sunrise as their backdrop — walk your pup, go for a jog, go on a morning walk with take-away coffees and a friend.

Instagram / @iphotoshots

Birrarung Marr

Birrarung Marr is right in the midst of Melbourne’s city, on slopes of grass right next to the Yarra River, you can watch boats pass as the sun rises over Melbourne’s glorious skyline. This spot is the epitome of Melbourne’s cultural festivities, with many live music, food and drink events taking place in this space, such as the Night Noodle Markets and pop-up venues for live shows like Magic Mike. It’s one of the best spots to be for things to do in Melbourne, as well as one of the best views you’ll get of the city. Take a picnic or coffee, or stroll to one of Melbourne’s fab cafes or restaurants in the adjacent Flinders Lane.

Other Places Around Victoria to Catch the Sunrise

Instagram / @yhaaustralia

The Twelve Apostles

Great Ocean Road
A classic destination on the Great Ocean Road at any time of day, but especially at sunrise. Just four hours out of Melbourne, The Twelve Apostles are a group of limestone stacks formed by erosion over millions of years. Today, there are only eight towers left, but they’re still as glorious as ever; a true work of natural history. The lookout and walkways are open 365 days a year, before sunrise and after sunset. If you arrive before dawn, you can watch the windswept coast coloured with pastel light, and the penguins scatter into the ocean.

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