How You Can Save Up to $300 Off a New Phone, Today Only


The frustration of trying to type on a cracked phone screen is too real. As is a battery that dies every hour even after charging all night. But if you’ve found yourself in desperate need of a new phone, we’ve got some seriously good news for you. Say goodbye to the bane of your technological existence and hello to the new handset of your dreams with Telstra Day 2022.  

As part of its Telstra Day celebrations, the nation’s favourite telco is offering major discounts on the best mobile devices on the market for one day only. And if you’re not sure where to start with these oh-so-tempting offers, don’t worry. We’ll break it down for you. The top six offers of the day include: 

1. Samsung Fold3 — $300 off plans

2. iPhone 12 — $250 off existing plans

3. Samsung Flip3 — $250 off plans

4. Pixel 6 Pro — $200 off plans 

5. Oppo A94 — $200 off plans 

6. Pixel 6 — $150 off plans

Telstra’s unreal deals have got something for everyone, depending on what you’re after.  If you’re wanting to up that selfie game and look like a pro, look no further than the iPhone 12’s dual-camera system and night mode options with a cool $250 discount. Prefer next-gen technology features like auto-translation and super security? Hello, Pixel 6 Pro and a cool $200 reduction. If a retro aesthetic speaks to your soul, the Samsung Flip3 combines iconic early ’00s nostalgia with state-of-the-art features and comes with an ever-so-stylish $300 discount. We really weren’t kidding when we said there’s something for everyone. 

With offers lasting only until midnight tonight, time is of the essence. To claim your new phone and its jaw-dropping discount simply head to your nearest Telstra store or shop online. But be warned, stocks are limited so run, don’t walk!