Looking to Make Some Extra Cash? Here Are Australia’s Best-Paying Side Hustles

side hustle australia

Last year, we finally had to time to reconnect with all the hobbies that we had let slide in the hustle and bustle of our “before” lives. Whether it was because we had reduced (or no) hours, the fact working from home cut out hour-long commutes, or because we just wanted to distract ourselves from the chaos of a COVID world with something that would bring us a little joy.

Now, we’re not saying that all hobbies have to be turned into side hustles — but maybe a few could. Specifically, 10 side hustles that Canva recently identified as the top ones in terms of raking in some extra cash — with some freelancers charging up to $650 per job. And whom among us would say no to an extra $650?

The most lucrative side hustle is 2D and 3D modelling which can see you earning $126 on average — this is for a job that can be completed in three days or fewer. Taking out the second spot? That would be proofreading and editing, which only earns five dollars less; that’s $121 per job, on average. And third is SEO services, for which you can charge $85.80 a pop.

That may seem a little low for SEO — anyone who works in digital knows just how complicated it can get — but people are charging upwards of $300 for it.

Taking out the rest of the list? That would be website design; illustration; blog post services; social media advertising; ghostwriting; video making and video editing.

Source: Canva

Australia, as a country, takes out third place for average fee per job — apparently we’re an expensive bunch, at $766. As for how you can stand out in a field full of freelancers? Canva suggests paying special attention to building your brand, planning your marketing strategy and providing such good customer experiences that they leave you great reviews and ratings.

Now what are you waiting for? It’s time to start hustling!

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