Beat the Chill With These Top-Rated Oil Heaters Your Cold Money Can Buy

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Back in the 1990s, oil heaters sucked. On cold winter nights, kids and adults alike tried getting warm with them. It was a battle between being too far away from the heat and burning one’s hands on the metal. It was a battle humans typically lost. 

However, a lot has changed since then, and these machines now slap. Here’s a helpful list of the best oil heaters on the market.

DeLonghi 1500W Radia S Oil Column Heater

DeLonghi 1500W Radia
Image: DeLonghi

Despite having a cursed name, the DeLonghi 1500W Radia S Oil Column Heater is a dream. This bad boy is noiseless, portable, and fireplace warm. It also features a thermostat and a timer.

As one reviewer wrote, “So happy with my heater. Keeps half a house comfortably warm on the coldest day. Much better efficiency than I was expecting.”

While another reviewer said, “Easy to operate, quite quick to reach desired the temperature, quiet too.”

If you want to buy a DeLonghi 1500W Radia S Oil Column Heater, click the link here.

Goldair Oil Column Heater

Goldair Oil Column Heater
Image: Goldair

Wow, an oil heater with a far more reasonable name. What’s more, the Goldair Oil Column Heater is a 10/10 product.

This oil heater:

  • Is great for medium-sized rooms
  • Is great for large rooms
  • Has three heat settings
  • Has an adjustable thermostat
  • Has a safety tilt switch
  • Won’t overheat, has inbuilt protections

“I Bought this Goldair Heater for an old fibro house in Cowra that is very cold,” wrote one reviewer. “Heating an area of square metres. We had it running constantly, and it did a great job. Far better than I expected, as it was a big ask of the heater. So I would buy Another Goldair 11 Fin Oil Filled Column Heater, as we were very happy with the product.”

If you want to buy a Goldair Oil Column Heater, click the link here.

Dragon 4 Oil Column 2400W Heater White TRD42400MT

Ah, another DeLonghi oil heater, another silly product title. However, just like the Radia, it’s one of the best oil heaters an Aussie can buy.

Now, the Dragon has similar features to the Radia, it’s noiseless, it warms up well, and it has a timer. The biggest difference is that this DeLonghi is 2400W, while the other one’s 1500W.

“We were looking for something to replace our Dyson. The research indicated the oil heaters wear a little better when it comes to the electricity bill,” said a reviewer. “We chose the analogue over digital to avoid tech issues with the screen, like we did with our Dyson. The 24 hour dial is easy to use, it’s essentially set and forget.”

“While it doesn’t warm our home, it very comfortably warms a 20 square metre room.”

If you want to buy a Dragon 4 Oil Column 2400W Heater White TRD42400MT, click the link here.

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