Want to Binge More Netflix? These NBN Providers Are Making Your Dream a Reality


With another season of Married at First Sight done and dusted, the desire to switch off free-to-air TV and return to the comfort of on-demand Netflix series’ like Bridgerton and Byron Baes is all too real.

But depending on where in Australia you live, finding an NBN provider that’s fast and reliable enough to stream your next Netflix-and-chill spree in high-definition can be seriously tricky business.

But fear not, we’ve got the inside track from Netflix Australia on the best plans and providers for all of your binge needs. For optimal binge-watching, Netflix recommends NBN25 as the minimum speed tier. Any connection with a download speed of less than 25Mbps will struggle to reliably stream Netflix on multiple devices or at high definition and ultra-high definition qualities. That’s why this list is only the best NBN25 plans and above in Australia.


Netflix ranks Optus among the top providers when it comes to streaming speeds. Optus’ Internet Everyday NBN plans start at $79 per month for 50Mbps and unlimited downloads. You also get an Optus Ultra WiFi Modem when you sign up.

Aussie Broadband

Australian owned and operated, Aussie Broadband offers flexible plans and fast and reliable NBN options, and is recognised as a top speed performer during peak traffic times. NBN25 plans start at $60 a month and include unlimited data, top-speed plans, call packs and other bonus features.


Not only is Telstra one of Netflix’s highest-ranking NBN providers, but new customers get a three-month BINGE subscription when they sign up for a Telstra Upfront Internet plan.


Thanks to their viral television ads, it’s hard to not know the Dodo and iPrimus brands. In addition to broadband, mobile and home energy plans, their NBN offerings are up there with the best of the best. Conveniently paired with entertainment package bundles, NBN25 plans start at $65 a month. They’re the perfect provider for those of the viewing party persuasion. Did somebody say new episodes of Love is Blind?


Australia’s largest independent service provider, Exetel, offers a wide range of NBN plans and boasts some seriously impressive speeds that are sure to super-power your next binge. Plans start from $54.95 and come with a series of add-on options to cater to your unique needs. 


Consistently rated one of the best NBN providers in Australia, TPG offers a range of plans that are primed to take your binge session to the next level. Even better, it’s free to switch between these plans if you decide to upgrade in the future.


One of the most popular providers in Australia, iiNet, is famed not just for its flexible NBN plans but also for its customer service. The NBN25 plan starts at $69.99 a month with limitless data, and you add on-call and entertainment packs and modem inclusions if you’d like to sweeten the deal.

So what are you waiting for? Pass the remote and ready the popcorn.

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