The Best Natural Deodorants to Switch to This Summer

Summer is almost here, and it goes without saying that deodorant is essential. No one likes to leave the beach feeling sticky and sweaty, so swiping on a bit in the morning is a no-brainer.

But before you reach for your old go-to, it’s time to give the ingredients list a second thought. Many commercial deodorants contain harmful ingredients that have been linked to a number of medical issues, so opting for a natural alternative is a smart way to go. Whether you have sensitive skin or not, it is important to question an ingredients list with long, unrecognisable words. 

Many people are hesitant to give natural deodorants a try, questioning whether they will be as effective — but the good news is that there are plenty of options on the market that are just as good, if not better, than your supermarket favourite. Just think of it as an added bonus that they don’t contain any of the icky ingredients. 

Mecca Cosmetica

Created by Australian beauty brand Mecca Cosmetica, this Mecca Althethica deodorant is vegan, aluminium-free and contains tapioca and kaolin clay to absorb sweat without disrupting the natural perspiration of your body, stripping your skin or causing dryness. A unique blend of essentials oils included in the formula have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties to control bacteria and odour.

Image: MECCA


The Herbal Deodorant Roll-On by Aesop is an alcohol-free formula that contains zinc ricinoleate, wasabi extract and a blend of essential oils to reduce and mask body odour. If you’re not a fan of roll-on deodorants, Aesop also has a spray deodorant that has a woody, earthy scent.

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This US-born brand, Native, is cruelty-free and never uses parabens, aluminium and sulphates. The sleek deodorant sticks come in a wide variety of scents, from coconut and vanilla to charcoal depending on what suits you.

For those with sensitive skin, the brand also makes a sensitive collection which is gentle on the skin. If you’re still not convinced, a scroll through reviews on the brand’s site will sell you with dozens of positive stories from customers who have been searching for natural deodorant for years.

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Corpus Naturals

Created in the United States, Corpus Naturals Natural Deodorant is a water-based vegan formula that uses natural fragrance and naturally derived enzymes and plant extracts that are clinically proven to reduce body odour. Where many natural formulas rely on baking soda, this one by Corpus Naturals, which is stocked at MECCA, is baking soda free and is manufactured by renewable, solar and hydroelectric energy.

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Alpha Lab

Alpha Lab prides itself for being “an all-natural deodorant, free from everything else.” Created by a perfumer in Sydney, the Cactus & Clay scent is cool and natural, while Grasslands is more fresh and floral.

Designed with sensitive skin in mind, Alpha Lab’s deodorant absorbs sweat while simultaneously soothing the skin. This option can be bought on the brand’s site or at a number of boutique shops throughout Australia. 

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Milk + Honey

Milk + Honey was created first as a spa by Alissa Bayer in 2006, with a focus on natural ingredients. Now a full-fledged skincare line, the brand’s initial goals are as clear as ever. As you could imagine, Milk + Honey’s natural deodorant is especially worthwhile.

Selling both stick and cream options, each one benefits skin while fighting off sweat. The deodorant sticks come in a baking-soda free option, regular strength, and extra strength; while the creams come in two different scents. 

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Agent Nateur

Committed to non-toxic, effective ingredients Agent Nateur is changing the natural deodorant game. Founded by Jenna Covello, who struggled for years to find a good aluminium-free alternative, the brand is now blowing drugstore alternatives out of the water.

The brand’s (Holi)stick is the unisex deodorant that is quickly becoming a fan favourite, and the easily recognisable ingredients are something you can feel good about. 

Instagram @agentnateur
Instagram @agentnateur

No Pong

Plastic-free deodorant brand No Pong has a variety of natural deodorants to choose from. All of the deodorant varieties are housed in tin packages and require you to spread the deodorant under your arm. No Pong offers bicarb-free deodorants as well as different fragrances and a vegan formula as well.

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