6 of the Best Massage Guns to Keep You Relaxed and Knot-Free

The Hypervolt PLUS, Theragun Elite and Hydragun massage guns.

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Whether you’re working hard, training hard or just have a hard knot in your shoulder, sometimes the only thing that’ll cut it at the end of a long day is a nice, long massage. But if you don’t have the time or patience to book an appointment — or the inclination to pay a professional every time you feel the tension rising — then a massage gun is your new best friend.

Popularised in the last two years thanks to products like the Theragun, massage guns work by applying quick bursts of pressure to vibrate your muscles, loosening them and helping to promote blood flow. Although they were initially positioned as at-home fitness equipment, they’ve now earned a place in many people’s wellness and self-care routines.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up our picks of the best massage guns you can buy right now. We can already feel the tension draining away!

Theragun Pro, $899

Theragun Pro massage gun

Capable of 2400RPM (which essentially translates to pummelling your aching muscles 2,400 times every minute), the Theragun Pro comes with six attachments to target different muscle groups and concerns. These include a wedge to use on shoulder blades, a cone for hands and feet and two soft attachments to use on sensitive or bony areas.

The only downside is that the Theragun Pro is all the way at the end of the more expensive side, which means it might not be the best choice if you’re not using it before and after intense workouts. The Elite, Prime and travel-friendly Mini are slightly cheaper, at $649, $499 and $349 respectively.

HoMedics Physio Massage Gun, $99.95

HoMedics Physio Massage Gun

With three intensities and three attachments, the HoMedics Physio is a powerful entry-level massage gun. By swapping between the different intensities and attachments, you can tailor each massage to your needs every time you use it.

Wahl Heat and Ice Massage Gun, $449.95

Wahl Heat and Ice Massage Gun

What sets the Wahl Heat and Ice apart from other massage guns is its in-built temperature settings. Not only can you adjust the intensity and choose between six attachments, but you can also make the massage head hot or cold to sooth stiff joints and cool tense muscles.

Hydragun, $399

Hydragun massage gun

The Hydragun claims to be the quietest massage gun on the market, which is definitely a bonus when you’re using it on your neck or shoulders — your poor ears shouldn’t have to suffer just to bring your muscles some relief. It comes with seven attachments, including one in a forked shape that you can fit over your calf and forearm and a wide, curved attachment that you can place over curved muscles like your bicep and shoulders. It also comes with three steel attachments for when you want it to really dig in.

RENPHO Mini Massage Gun, $99.99

RENPHO Mini Massage Gun

This compact massage gun is perfect to pack in a suitcase and bring out when you need a bit of post-flight R&R. Despite its size, the RENPHO Mini can reach speeds of 3200RPM and comes with four interchangeable attachments. Best of all, it’s charged by USB-C, meaning it’s even more convenient to travel with as you don’t have to pack a separate charger.

Hypervolt PLUS, $699

Hypervolt PLUS massage gun

The Hypervolt PLUS connects to the Hyperice App to guide you through a professional-level massage at the press of a button. The massage gun will automatically change settings as you follow along with the guide, so all you have to do is hold it in the right place (which the app also tells you how to do). It’s perfect for anyone who’s nervous about using a massage gun — although it is aimed at people who complete intense workouts regularly.

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