Hand-Glazed Bowls, $1.75 Candles and 8 Other Kmart Homewares We’re Currently Coveting

When it comes to stylish and affordable homewares in Australia, Kmart really does it best. Sure, it has some competition from other big-name retailers (Bunnings does some great outdoor furniture and Big W has some excellent rugs and rattan furniture), but, when it comes to a retailer consistently nailing the homewares brief, Kmart really is in a league of its own.

But because Kmart is always adding to its homewares range, as well as discontinuing the production of some products to make way for said new ones, it can be tricky to keep up with what’s on offer. And, more importantly, what you should be buying. So, with that said, here are the top 10 homewares buys we’re (and by that I mean me, a Kmart homewares obsessive) currently coveting (or already own and are loving) from the retailer.

Sheared Wool Blend Print Rug, Blue, Medium, $69

A rug can help separate areas in an open-plan living area, as well as provide welcome warmth underfoot. This one looks far more expensive than its $69 price tag would suggest.

Circle Cut Out Vase, $7.50

$7.50. That’s less than the total cost of my daily transport. Also, I love that this vase looks like someone made it themselves with clay.

Dimpled Mug, $3

Dimpled Mug

This hand-glazed mug is another item on the pottery-look homewares trend. It’ll add an earthiness to the experience of drinking your morning coffee or afternoon tea.

Ora Large Bowl, $6

Another from the I-made-it-myself homewares trend, this rustic, hand-glazed bowl is perfect for soups or snacks.

Timber Bench Seat, $55

Timber Bench Seat

I’ve had this piece for over a year now, and I love it. It’s definitely smaller than it looked in the picture on the box, but it fits perfectly under my small IKEA table in my lounge room. The blond wood makes it feel modern and fresh.

Arch Mirror, $20

I actually wrote a whole story about this arch mirror here. My editor had seen the box of it outside three homes in her neighbourhood on one day — it’s that popular. Though it can be hung in a hallway. I’d recommend propping it on a dressing table.

Waffle Cotton Quilt Cover Set, starting at $34

Waffle Cotton Quilt Cover Set

There’s something about waffle cotton quilt covers that makes me feel so cosy — maybe because it reminds me of chunky waffle blankets I had as a kid. Also, you can never go wrong with white — just be sure not to eat in bed (or don’t spill anything if you do).

Rattan Cabinet, $89

Rattan furniture isn’t just boho, it’s also — helpfully, if you aren’t looking to constantly rotate your homewares — timeless. For a different way to style this cabinet, buy two and position them next to each other, without their legs.

Salted Caramel Fragrant Candle in Glass, $1.75

Can you ever really go wrong with salted caramel? Despite what you may think with its $1.75 price tag, this candle burns for at least eight hours and has a scent that lingers. Win-win.

Get Naked Bath Mat, $9 (was $12)

Get Naked bath mat

It’s no wonder that, at the time of writing this, this bold bath mat is sold out. Fingers crossed for a restock — otherwise, why would they have left it up online?

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