The Fashion at Kmart Is Going Viral on Instagram


Guys, it’s time we face facts that Kmart is no longer an everything-store stocked with those practical bits and bobs you need for the home, but rather a (surprisingly) chic and viable fashion retailer with pieces that are both timeless and on-trend.

And honestly, we can’t believe it took us this long to figure it out. For years, we’ve been across the regular drops of epic homewares and furniture collections, but only now are we coming to realise the same level of style applies to the women’s fashion section — and it’s all because of this $28 jumpsuit.

Australian shoppers are losing it over the brand’s Extended Sleeves Jumpsuit in Olive Khaki ($28) for its flattering silhouette, tortoiseshell buckle and undeniably reasonable price point.

All over Instagram, Kmart fans are sharing pictures praising the piece alongside styling tips.

“Loving the $28 jumpsuit from @kmartaus,” wrote Jessica Allen, owner of TheBudgetStyleFile. “This is a great one for the wardrobe — you can dress it up with heels or down with a white pair of sneakers! The fabric is soft and comfortable yet still has some structure to it to maintain that expensive look.”

Under every image of this utility-style jumpsuit (and there are many from countless accounts), Instagram users are leaving behind comments reflecting the appreciation for the on-trend garment.

“This is so gorgeous! I’m in love,” wrote one user while another added: “I love that jumpsuit! I’m definitely going to have to try that”.

A similar piece in the same collection garnering online attention is the Extended Sleeve Midi Shirt Dress ($25) in bone. For all intents and purposes, the silhouette is more or less identical to the khaki jumpsuit but drops into a straight skirt below the tortoiseshell buckle waistbelt.

Melissa Amani Omar posted a series of photos in the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group praising the dress for its flattering fit. “Can I just say this dress is freaking amazing. It honestly feels like something from Sheike, instead of paying over $100 I got this for $25 from Kmart!”

kmart dress

Trend-based items aside, we’re quickly discovering Kmart to be a great source of closet basics.

The White 3/4 Length Wide-Leg Jeans With Raw Hem ($20), which recently went viral on Instagram for their similarity to styles 10 times the retail price of $20, are still available online and are an ideal staple for any French-inspired summer wardrobe.

Shop responsibly, ladies!