Sing Your Heart Out at the Best Karaoke Bars in Melbourne

There’s nothing quite like karaoke. Whether it’s a planned night out or a spontaneous late-night idea, it’s never disappointing. 

We can’t deny that there’s something about singing along to nostalgic tunes that brings people together. You may not know the people in the room, share a song, and find an instant connection. 

Karaoke might have a reputation for being tacky, but that’s why we love it so much. It’s a carefree and joyful experience, where we can be as lame or as extra as we want, without judgment. Add that experience, with a side of good food and booze, and you’ve got yourself an epic night out.

Here are some of the best karaoke bars in Melbourne, all with something different to offer.

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Ichi Ni Na Na 

Ichi Ni Na Na is usually best known for its delicious sashimi platters, prawn skewers with salsa verde and yuzu cocktails, but did you know that it’s Brunswick Street venue is also home to two karaoke rooms? You can grab a mic on any of this venue’s three levels (which also includes Village People Hawker Foodhall and Upside Rooftop Bar) and head to either Sing Sing Room on level one, which holds 30 people or the newly opened soundproof Sing Song Den in the basement, which holds 60 guests. Alternatively, you can sing your heart out with 180 of your closest friends on the rooftop, if an epic karaoke party is what you’re looking for. Although epic, these karaoke destinations aren’t spontaneous, given their popularity and layout, booking in advance is required and a minimum spend applies based on the day of the week. 
You can find out more or book here.

Facebook / Heroes Karaoke & Rooftop Bar


Bourke Street, CBD
Heroes is the definition of elevated karaoke. From the team behind Fancy Hank’s, you’ll find smokey skewers served in private rooms with table service across four levels. With four rooms available, for $10 per person for two hours, two rooms hold up to 12 singers, another holds 15 and the one of the lowest level can hold 25. You have the option of booking drink and snack tabs before you arrive, or opening up a tab when you get there, but it’s vital to book in advance. Food and drink options are what you’d expect from these BBQ experts; brisket, wings, natty wine and cocktails with local ingredients. Once in the room, all you have to do is flick the service light to grab the bar staff’s attention—which means you never have to be without a beverage. 

Plus, on the last Sunday of every month they host “curry-oke” at the open-mic lounge on level two. From 6pm, $25 will get you curry, rice and pickles. Add another $20 on that and you get a cocktail on arrival, plus two more drinks. The karaoke is free, and you have an audience. 
You can find out more or book here.

Instagram / @holeymoleygolf

Holey Moley

Little Bourke Street, CBD
Holey Moley has it all; pop-culture-themed minigolf, colourful cocktails and a private karaoke room. This private room is more spacious than your regular sweaty, cramped karaoke booth, with enough room to create a dance floor to surround your pals as they belt out a tune. Holey Moley’s karaoke room also features two mics—for those duet moments—and a bar nearby, where you can snag a Sugar Candy cocktail, complete with lolly kebab. You might even want to order some stone-baked pizza for delivery if all that singing makes you hungry. The room holds 24 people and charges a flat rate of $100 per hour (for up to three hours). If you can find a large group of friends that all wanna saaaang their night away, it’s a very cost-effective and fun venue for a night out.
Find out more and book here.

Facebook / Jankara Karaoke Bar Russell Street


Russell Street, CBD
Jankara is very reminiscent of ‘90s karaoke. Think My Best Friend’s Wedding type of vibe, and you’re on the right track. You’re given a number with every one or two drinks purchased, depending on the day, and it’s up to you to seize your moment when your ticket number is called to jump up on the small stage. There’s an extensive list of Japanese beer, whisky and sake on offer, along with a small menu of share plates to match. There is no booking policy or any need to book. This is very much an in-the-moment decision. Opening until 1am most nights and 5am on the weekends, this place really kicks off at the tail end of the evening and it’s a true experience.

Facebook / KBox Karaoke


La Trobe Street, CBD
Kbox is pretty famous on the Melbourne karaoke circuit—and for good reason. Prices and room sizes vary—two hours in a 8-person pod is $38 per person with two drinks included, or for a flat rate of $590 you can get two hours in a 22-person room and $400 credit for the bar. They sell shooters by the half dozen, premixed jugs of spirits and mixers, and deep fried snacks. You can truly get messy at Kbox, and it is the most fun. With colourful party lights, drinks galore, a neverending catalog of songs and total privacy, you can really just let loose with some of your closest friends and sing it out. Kbox is super popular, so we’d recommend booking in advance. You can do that here.

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