There Are Hundreds of Juicers on the Market, But These 7 Stand Out

Spring is already here, and summer is parked around the corner. With the spells of warm weather becoming more frequent, many health enthusiasts are finding now the perfect time to refresh themselves and get their bodies into a healthier state.

Going on a juice cleanse right before the summer season gives your digestive system time to rest, improve your hydration, reduce food cravings and bloatedness, and research has shown signs of it improving the quality of your sleep

If you shop at nearby farmers’ markets or supermarkets, you can pick up fresh produce at an affordable price and experiment with different flavours to which your tastebuds find most appealing, whether you prefer a tropical taste, or a refreshing citrus kick to start the day. 

Making juice from scratch has never been easier. All you need is fresh produce and a juicer. Plug your juicer into the wall, flick the switch and start adding your produce into the chute, for larger pieces, you may need to cut them down so they fit. The dry pulp is automatically ejected into a separate container, leaving only the fresh juice.

There are hundreds of juicers on the market to choose from, and depending on how often you’ll be using the juicer may influence how much you’ll be wanting to spend. To save you the hassle of reading reviews, and finding out which juicer is right for you, we’ve gathered a great range of juicers suitable for all budgets, so you can begin your summer juice cleanse with a refreshing kick. 

Kogan 850W Centrifugal Juicer, $59.99, was $89.99

Powered by an 850W motor, Kogan’s own brand Centrifugal Juicer is everything you need to begin your juice cleansing adventure at an affordable price. It’s super easy to tidy up if you’re in a rush to get out of the door in the morning, simply wipe the motor with a damp cloth, and put all the attachments in the dishwasher. Choose between the two-speed settings, depending on the density of the produce you’re juicing. 

Kogan 1000W Centrifugal Juicer, $59.99, was $69.99

This slightly more powerful Kogan Centrifugal Juicer is worth the upgrade if you think you’ll be using more dense produce, it has 200W more power, but better yet, is the same price. It has an extra-wide chute so you don’t have to cut your produce as thin. 

Kogan 1000W Centrifugal Juicer

EuroChef Cold Press Slow Juicer Whole Fruit Chute Extractor Sorbet Vegetable, $169

This premium EuroChef Cold Press Slow Juicer has a powerful hi-torque 300W motor. It features a reverse feature to prevent clogging and extracts the juice from the produce slowly without any heat with a traditional fast centrifugal process. This provides a clean taste and clear health and yield advantages. Unlike many juicers, this Cold Press Juicer is quiet, which is ideal if your spouse is on a call or you’re trying to multitask.

Russell Hobbs 800w 3-in-1 Juice & Blend, $149, was $198

This three-in-one by Russell Hobbs is a wise investment and can be used for more than just your morning juice, but for blending or pressing your foods too. It’s designed to fit whole apples in the 75mm chute and has a sharp stainless steel micro-mesh filter to ensure a clean and consistent texture.

NutriBullet 800W Juicer NBJ07100, $159, was $179

Everyone’s heard of the kitchen phenomenon NutriBullet. They’ve built a reputation for their reliable and robust blenders, and they’ve finally created a juicer that is just as handy. Designed to be compact so it can be put away in the cupboard with ease, or take up little space on your counter. There are two-speed settings, and all the attachments are dishwasher safe.


Breville – BJE410 – Juice Fountain Max, $215

Breville’s Juice Fountain Max features a patented feed tube and filters allowing it to extract up to 20% more vitamins and minerals compared to competitor juicers. It even has a built-in froth separator, so your juices will pour picture-perfect straight into your glass.

Smeg – CJF01CRAU – 50’S Retro Style Citrus Juicer, $219

Explicitly designed for citrus juice cleansing, Smeg’s iconic ‘50s inspired aesthetic stands out in your kitchen. On a warm summer’s day, there’s no better drink to quench your first than a refreshing glass of fresh lemon juice, ice, and water. This citrus juicer is equipped with a powerful 70W motor and has a built-in on-off sensor.

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