7 Stunning Hot Springs to Seek Out in Queensland

Charlotte Plains Queensland hot springs

Natural hot springs are not only scenic to look at, with steam rising from them, but soaking in them can also benefit your mind and body. The springs have minerals that can help reduce stress, promote sleep and boost blood circulation.

Fortunately for those living in or visiting Queensland, the state is home to a handful of hot springs — though, admittedly, most are in the outback. From springs two hours south of Cairns you can visit on a day trip, to a new wellness park opened by the same team as Victoria’s Peninsula Hot Springs, this is our edit of the best Queensland hot springs.

Talaroo Hot Springs

Talaroo Hot Springs is a 4.5-hour drive inland from Cairns in Gulf Savannah country, outback Queensland. To access the springs, you’ll have to book a guided Hot Springs Discovery Tour, which will see you strolling around the hot springs on a boardwalk. After the tour, you can book a 40-minute session in one of four private soaking pools or a restored historic communal bathing pool. Guest numbers are limited and the pools are regularly emptied and cleaned to call ahead to ensure availability.

Talaroo Hot Springs
Image: Tourism and Events Queensland

Innot Hot Springs

You don’t need to stay in a cabin, campsite or caravan spot at Innot Hot Springs Caravan and Leisure Park to take advantage of the site’s six thermal pools. The park allows day visitors for $10 per person and within the opening hours of 9am – 5pm. While each pool is set to a different temperature, all are adults-only and use water filtered from a natural hot spring next to the park. The park is a two-hour drive south of Cairns, located in Atherton Tablelands.

Balonne Artesian Thermal Hot Springs

Balonne Artesian Thermal Hot Springs was opened in the outback Queensland region of St George in December 2019. The thermal pool features artesian spring water heated to 34oC. In winter, the pools’ hours are 10am – 4pm, while in summer, they vary depending on whether it’s a weekday or weekend, or they’re cleaning the facilities. A 50m pool next to the hot springs can also be used in summer.

Cunnamulla Hot Springs

The team behind Victoria’s Peninsula Hot Springs opened Cunnamulla Hot Springs in February 2024. The site consists of seven wave-shaped, geothermic pools by the Warrego River and native trees. Each pool has a different temperature, ranging from ice-cold to near-boiling hot. Once you’ve finished soaking, finish your session in a sauna or steam room or partake in a 45-minute, self-guided body clay ritual.

Cunnamulla Queensland Hot Springs
Image: Cunnamulla Tourism

Julia Creek Artesian Baths

The water extracted from bores 900 metres deep and filling the pools at Julia Creek Artesian Baths are laced with minerals like sulphur, calcium and magnesium. Each bathhouse has two tubs placed inside, with views of the outback. Be sure to bring your bath salts or bubble baths, drinks and snacks, if you plan on soaking awhile. The baths are in the town of Julia Creek, a seven-hour drive inland from Townsville.

Charlotte Plains

You’ll need to be an overnight guest to use the artesian hot springs at Charlotte Plains. Though, with the springs a nine-hour drive from Brisbane and eight hours from Tamworth, you couldn’t visit on a day trip anyway. Accommodation options include Shearer Quarters, cabins and campgrounds. The pools are naturally heated to 42oC and are free for guests to take advantage of. For a special occasion, book a private bath experience for you and your partner or a friend.

Charlotte Plains Queensland hot springs
Image: Charlotte Plains

Eulo Mud Baths

Session times at Eulo Mud Baths are 90 minutes and are offered in the morning and afternoon. In summer, later times are available so you can stargaze as you soak. The bath water comes from the Great Artesian Basin, while the mud poured into the tubs contains minerals thousands of years old. Soak in the tub for 30 minutes, then hop out to pat the mud into your body and let it dry before jumping back in to wash it off.

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