The Coolest and Best New Home Tech in 2021


We’re forever on the hunt for those gadgets designed to make our lives easier and improve the functionality of our homes. From smart lighting to robot vacuums, no doubt the home experience has improved out of sight since such modern technologies became available on such a huge scale and to all households across a range of budgets.

Now, as we enter yet another year, we can’t wait to see what conveniences come from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Held annually in Las Vegas — virtually in 2021 — the week-long show reveals the best new technologies set to enter the market that year, and more often than not, sets the trends for shoppers for the months to come.

Below, we’re taking a closer look at the coolest, most convenient, and all-round best new technologies to come out of 2021 so far. Keep an eye out as we update this story with cool new product launches.

A Wine-Pouring Robot Butler

Never do the dishes again, thanks to Samsung’s new robot butler. Named Bot Handy, the in-development robotic assistant “will rely on advanced AI to recognize and pick up objects of varying sizes, shapes and weights, becoming an extension of you and helping you with work around the house”.

When completed, Samsung hopes its new device will be able to move about your home, helping out with chores like tidying up messy rooms and helping with the dishes following a meal. It can even pour you a drink or fetch your phone from your charger.

A second robot called Bot Care will be smaller and less nimble but will serve as more of a robotic home assistant and “companion”.


A Self-Emptying Cordless Vacuum

LG Electronics has revealed the vacuum to change all vacuums. The LG CordZero ThinQ A9 Kompressor+ is a new cordless vacuum with a self-emptying technology that saves the user from exposure to dust.

The vacuum’s charging station will automatically empty the dustbin and recharge the vacuum after use, “maximising user convenience and helping to minimise exposure to dust”.

It comes with six tools, including a Crevice Tool and Pet Nozzle, which sit neatly in the stand. Furthermore, the device can be easily switched from a vacuum to mop and back again by changing the attachments.

lg vacuum
LG Electronics

A Peek-A-Boo Fridge

Another absolute winner from LG Electronics, the LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator which allows users a peek inside the fridge without having to open the door and lose the appliance’s chill, thus preserving food for longer and saving on electricity costs. The tech company received the CES Best of Innovation Award for this design.

The appliance allows users to knock on the glass screen for a look at the fridge’s contents and is also equipped with voice recognition technology, to make opening the door easy with arms full of groceries.

There’s also a built-in water dispenser that provides a clever hygiene solution: UVnano technology that works on the hour, every hour to remove up to 99.99% of bacteria on the refrigerator’s dispenser nozzle.

LG Electronics

A Dinner Party-Ready Speaker

Music is key when it comes to entertaining at home. With the right playlist, you can easily set the tone and mood for the night you imagine with your guests, whether it’s a classy dinner or full-on party. But it’s not just what you play that matters, because if the quality of the sound is lacking, so too will the effect the music has on the evening.

Sony Australia has revealed its latest home speaker that uses unique spatial sound technologies to fill any room with all-encompassing ambient music. The Sony SRS-RA3000 wireless Bluetooth/WIFI home speaker projects music both horizontally and vertically to ensure sound is heard clearly from every corner of the room. With the ability to connect Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, the smart speaker will be available from mid-February, 2021, for $449.

Sony Australia

A Capsule Cocktail Machine

Happy hour just got infinitely better with this capsule cocktail machine called the Bartesian. A smart benchtop bartender, the unit can pour an extensive suite of cocktails using just four base spirits (vodka, tequila, whisky, gin or rum), and cocktail capsules that contain extracts, juice and bitters.

At the touch of a button, you can create any drink from an Old Fashioned to a Margarita, even tinkling with the strength of the drink via the touch screen. Just add some ice and your favourite garnishes.


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