Have Your Most Productive Year Ever By Elevating Your WFH Set-Up

Scout Desk

Hybrid working arrangements are the new norm for many office workers, but after almost three years of working from home, within our living rooms, or bedrooms, or slapped-together office spaces, it’s likely your workspace is in need of a re-jig and a re-fresh for the new year, or perhaps you never got around to setting your space up correctly.

That’s where Mocka comes in. The affordable homewares brand that can help you with everything from a comfortable chair to sit and work from, to a chic desk, or efficient storage solutions for paperwork, supplies, or resources.

With hybrid work models not looking to go anywhere anytime soon, it really is worth investing in some new furniture and homewares that can make your WFH situation that much better. There’s something to be said for a clear, efficient space making you more productive at work.

So, from a compact desk that’ll discretely fit in a corner and another with two handy drawers to keep your papers and pens, to storage baskets and boxes where you can store important paperwork, ahead are some of the essentials to invest in that’ll elevate your WFH set-up.


Let’s start with the most important element of a workspace: a desk. Though having a desk does require you to have a bit of spare space in your home, many desks require a lot less room than you’d expect. And having a desk can make all the difference in helping you get out of lounge mode and into work and productivity mode.

Prefer something lighter? Go with this wood-look and white Scout Desk. But, if you do have more space, though, opt for the wood-look Jesse Desk, $249.95. Its barrier panel underneath helps to hide any cords and make your space look clean and uncluttered.

Mocka Scout Desk
Image: Mocka Scout Desk


Next up is the second most important part of a WFH set-up: a comfortable office chair. Because your WFH set-up is often in plain sight even during non-working hours, it’s worth finding a stylish chair that matches to your desk and will easily fit under it so it’s entirely out of the way.

Harper Chair, $119.95, is sleek, but still comfortable and supportive. It’ll pair well with the Parker Desk or the Urban Desk. Livi Occasional Chair, $169.95, has a wide seat and a sweeping curved backrest that’ll keep your back supported. And Asta Armchair, $129.95, is low to the ground so would work well with a desk that isn’t too high.

Livi Occasional Chair
Image: Mocka Livi Occasional Chair


While bookshelf storage isn’t entirely necessary for a WFH set-up, it can do wonders in helping you to stay more organised. You can use it to store books you often use for work, paperwork and any office stationery. Aside from that functionality, it can also be used to display some of your favourite items, like framed photos of your family and friends, houseplants you love or a candle with a delicious scent — anything to make you feel calmer and happier.

Some bookshelf options? Kirra Bookcase, $319.95, has four open shelves and one closed cupboard that you can use to hide anything you don’t want in plain view. The Maya Ladder Shelf, $79.95, has four-tiered shelves, while the Porto Five Shelves, $149.95, has five shelves and can hold more at 64cm wide.

Mocka Maya Ladder
Image: Mocka Maya Ladder


If you’re not keen to have anything displayed and would rather it all out of sight, opt for a cabinet or a buffet instead. Alps Two Door Cabinet, $279.95, is 80cm wide so it won’t take up too much space but will still let you store anything work-related that if left out, might look like clutter.

The white Eclipse Two Door Cabinet, is also a mere 80cm wide. If you prefer a dark accent and have a bit more room, go for the black Eclipse Buffet, that’s 160cm wide so is big enough to even store a computer monitor.

Mocka Eclipse Buffet
Image: Mocka Eclipse Buffet

Storage Basket

Finally, to complete your WFH set-up, think about getting storage boxes to place any electronics and their cords, stationery and paperwork when you’re not using them, and to generally help keep yourself organised.

The Kata Storage Boxes, $39.95, are a set of two boxes, one 35cm wide, the other 41cm, both with a bamboo finish, fabric lining and a lid. The Felt Cube Basket, $19.95, has a durable felt finish and come in grey or natural, while the Montauk Cube, $24.95, is made from soft fabric.

Montauk Cube
Image: Mocka Montauk Cube

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