The Best Gift Delivery Services In Australia — and What You Can Get From Each

The only thing better than receiving a gift delivery is sending one (in my humble opinion, that is).

But really, how great is sending someone a fun package? Particularly if they’re stuck in lockdown and not feeling too fabulous right now. And from personalised beauty boxes, to over-the-top cakes and customised puzzles, when it comes to gift deliveries in Australia, we’re absolutely spoilt for choice.

Ahead, we share our favourite gift deliveries among them. Happy gifting.

Fig & Bloom

Available in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne

Fig & Bloom’s founder Kellie Brown’s background in fashion makes sense when you see the boutique’s beautiful flower arrangements. Choose from four categories — Pretty in Pink, Contemporary White, Australian Natives or Bright & Colourful — or if you’re looking for something that lasts a little longer, order a plant, dried blooms, chocolates, alcohol or homewares.

Little Party Crew

Available Australia-wide

If you have couple friends that are celebrating an anniversary or want to surprise your partner with a ready-made at-home date night, Little Party Crew’s date night box will have you sorted with everything you need for a romantic night, including snacks and drinks, relationship conversation starters and suggested activities included in the box. For your single friends, order them a ‘single and not ready to mingle’ box.


Available Australia-wide

While Bellabox is primarily aimed for self-gifting of beauty products, with monthly subscription payments, it can also be gifted to a friend as a one-off. Simply enter your friend’s email and name and they’ll receive a link asking them to complete a beauty profile, which their box will then be tailored to. Past boxes have included shampoos, hand creams, sunscreen and micellar water.


Available Australia-wide

For easy gift boxes, look no further than Troppolicious. Boxes are carefully curated to suit particular people. Bloke’licious is designed for the (soon-to-be) perfectly-groomed men in your life. Yogi Bliss is essentially wellness in a box. And Eco Home takes ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ in the home to a whole new level with stainless steel infinity clothes pegs, beeswax wraps and zero-waste kitchen essentials.


Available Australia-wide

If you were to ask your most stylish friend to pick out a bunch of their favourite fashion, beauty and accessories items, the result would be in a Claya gift box. From womens’ torso candles to neutral-coloured mesh bags and hand-crafted bowls, the products in each box will make any friend or family member’s day. Pick from boxes the likes of ‘island vibes’, ‘pregnancy’ or ‘sun bum’, or create your own.


Available in Sydney

Everyone loves a plant so to brighten someone’s day, why not order them one? PlantGirl delivers hard-to-kill plants like silver sword, elkhorn fern and peperomia raindrop same day if your recipient is anywhere within a 10km radius of Marrickville. If you’re not sure if the person you want to send a plant to is within their area, just enter their postcode and check.

Sow ‘n Sow

Available Australia-wide

For the eco-conscious among your friends and family, get them a ‘gifts of seeds’, with seeds they can grow held within a customisable greeting card, or a ‘flower press’, which they can use to press fresh flowers so they can keep them for years to come. The brand’s ‘pop up pots’ are recycled, origami-inspired pots, also gorgeous gifts for the sustainability-inclined among your network.


Available Australia-wide

Are one of your friends or family members doing a month off booze? Or are you staying off the grog? Order them or yourself a non-alcoholic bundle from CraftZero, which lets them (or you) explore and discover non-alcoholic beers, wines or spirits. Bundles and prices vary greatly so you have quite the selection.

Puzzle Post

Available Australia-wide

While puzzles are fun anyway, they’re particularly good gifts to give during lockdown when everyone has a lot more free time on their hands and would really benefit from a distraction. Choose a monthly or fixed-term subscription for yourself, or gift one to a loved one. Mix and match from over 25 puzzle categories and then Puzzle Post will handpick and deliver a tailored puzzle to you (or your loved one) every month.


Available Australia-wide

InstaCake really does take gift-giving to a whole new level. Pick from over 50 cakes, dessert boxes or lolly boxes, record a personal video message telling your friend or family member exactly how you feel about them and then choose what time frame you’d like the package delivered. Upon delivery, the recipient will be able to scan a personal QR code to bring up the video message.

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