If We Asked You What the Best ‘Friends’ Episodes Are, Would You Say One of These?

If you’re like us, then you don’t need an excuse to re-watch your favourite episodes of FriendsIn fact, as we’ve previously reported, re-watching your most loved television shows is a valid form of self-care.

With the Friends reunion finally, finally, FINALLY upon us, we’ve no doubt been revisiting the brilliant original series to pass the time until we can be regaled once more by the antics of Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Ross, Phoebe and Joey. 

To celebrate Friends: The Reunion, we decided to ask a large cross-section of superfans to tell us which episode was their all-time favourite (a pretty mean thing to do, if you think about it). Their response was both overwhelming and, at times, surprising. Here are the episodes they ranked the highest.

The One with Ross’s Tan

We’re just going to go ahead and ignore the fact that Joey and Rachel were “dating” in this episode and skip straight to the good stuff like Jennifer Coolidge as Amanda Buffamonteezi with her fake British accent and never-ending name dropping.

And, of course, the incident that inspired the title of the episode: Ross getting a spray tan with disastrous results because he simply couldn’t a) follow simple instructions and b) count Mississippi-less-ly.

Best quote: “I’m an eight!”

The One Where They All Find Out

It probably will not surprise you that this one made the list, after all, it marks Chandler and Monica’s relationship being out in the open and the pair saying that they are in love with each other.

Additionally, the episode features some of the best comedic gags as Rachel and Phoebe decide to trick Monica and Chandler into revealing their affair while poor Joey (who knows) just tries to keep up with who knows what.

Best quote: “They don’t know that we know that they know” and “I’m very happy we’re going to have all the sex.”

The One With the Cop

Michael Rappaport guest stars in this fantastic episode as a cop that Phoebe falls for after finding his badge and illegally using it.

Meanwhile, Joey is envious of Monica and Chandler’s intimate relationship and Ross decides that paying an exorbitant delivery fee for a couch is unnecessary when Rachel and Chandler can help him

Best quote: “PIVOT!!” (obviously)

The One Where No One’s Ready

This episode was clever in that it kept the storyline moving and the laughs coming, all within the one location.

Who could forget Monica leaving the world’s most cringe-worthy message on Richard’s answering machine after hacking into it to try to delete a different cringe-worthy message? Or Phoebe being the only one ready for Ross’s big night only to fall prey to some sinister hommus?

The best comedy, though, comes from Chandler and Joey’s petty argument over a chair, resulting in Joey’s very strange and hilarious form of revenge.

Best quote: “Look at me! I’m Chandler. Could I be wearing any more clothes? Maybe if I wasn’t going commando.”

The One With All The Resolutions

Ross resolves to have “just the one divorce in ’99” and to try something new each day, while Phoebe decides she wants to fly a commercial jet and Rachel says she won’t gossip so much anymore. This is all very difficult for Chandler to hear as he has resolved to no longer make fun of his friends.

When Ross scores a date with Elizabeth Hornswoggle, he decides to wear leather pants on their date, leading to disastrous consequences when he overheats and goes into her bathroom to try to cool off.

Best quote: “If the paste matches the pants, you can make yourself a pair of paste pants and she won’t know the difference.”


The One Where Ross Is Fine

Again, we want to skip right over the fact that Rachel and Joey are an item in this episode because we were so not here for that storyline, but without it, we never would have gotten the comedy gold that is Ross trying to be happy for them.

It’s no wonder this one made the list — Ross’s toast to the most awkward double date of all time is simply the best.

Best quote: Ross’s entire speech about L-O-V-E.

The One with the Rumour

Even though Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have been divorced for 14 years, fans still love the Thanksgiving episode where the actor played Will Colbert — a man who hated Rachel so much he once spread a rumour about her in High School suggesting she was intersexual.

Meanwhile, Joey goes head to head with the giant roast turkey that no one else wants to eat.

Best quote: “Look at her standing there with those yams! My two greatest enemies Ross, Rachel Green and complex carbohydrates.”

The One with the Embryos

While Phoebe is receiving an embryo implant to become a surrogate mother for her brother Frank Junior, the rest of the gang are fighting over who knows each other best.

Enter: Ross with his trivia game in which the girls’ apartment is up for grabs…if only the ladies can remember what Chandler does for a living.

Best quote: “I’m afraid the TV Guide comes to Chanandaler Bong” and “A transponster! He’s a transponster!”


Friends: The Reunion will be available to stream express from the US at 5.02 pm AEST on Thursday, May 27, only on BINGE.

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