The Best ‘Friends’ Clothing to Celebrate the ‘Friends’ Reunion (and Inevitable Rewatch) With

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Any superfan of Friends — or any ordinary person you stopped on the street — could tell you Friends is back, baby. It’s the first time all six of them have reunited on our television screens since the finale in 2004, which over 51 million people tuned in for. It’s not a proper episode (though the actors did speculate where their characters would be now), and there are some, uh, questionable decisions around who’s hosting and who will be guest starring.

But regardless, we get to see Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry all in one place, all talking about every person’s favourite sitcom.

Could we be any more excited?

I mean yes, yes we could. We could watch all 10 seasons, 236 episodes, and apparently 85 hours. If you just want the highlights, The Latch has you covered with the best episodes from the show.

We could turn to LEGO, and build the main apartments from the show (no, it doesn’t include Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment, which Ross eventually moves into). We could make Rachel’s…infamous…trifle in preparation. Props to whoever — other than Joey — manages to get it down. We hear it tastes like feet!

In the meantime, we have you covered with best Friends merch that you can get right here, in Australia. It may not be Central Perk, but it’ll have you feeling right at home with Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross.

Friends Scrunchie

The majority of Friends was filmed and released in the ’90s, so you know hair scrunchies were at their peak. Make do like Phoebe with one of these cute scrunchies from EB Games.


EB Games

You’re My Lobster Shirt

This expression harks back to season two of the show, where Phoebe uses the term “lobsters” to reflect soulmates — describing Ross and Rachel. This T-shirt is perfect for you and your significant other, and you can get it here.

EB Games

How You Doin’? Hoodie

This one is based on Joey’s catchphrase on the show, which he uses to pick up women — except for the character Elle MacPherson plays. This one is available in women’s and men’s sizes, although it doesn’t guarantee any success.

Big W

Friends Logo Dad Hat

They say to keep your heart on your sleeve, but they never mention…keeping your Friends on your head? Either way, this is what Cotton On has on offer with this special edition cap. If you’re more into logo T-shirts, they’ve got you covered there too.

Cotton On

Friends Oodie

Yep, the Oodie — which you can learn how to properly wash here — is available in a Central Perk version. Just as cozy and warm as a cup of coffee from Gunther…at least if you’re Rachel (sorry Ross).


Peter Alexander Nightshirt

Who hasn’t wanted to have a sleepover with the Friends crew at least once in their life? This is the perfect chance to do so, and features some classic moments from the show…just look at Monica’s hair. Don’t worry guys, there are some PJ options for you too!

Peter Alexander

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