The Best Food You Can Get at the MCG

A Royal Stacks burger, one of the new food outlets at the MCG.
Photo: Royal Stacks

The Melbourne Cricket Ground is one of Melbourne’s most iconic landmarks. The home of Australian Rules Football, the Boxing Day Test, and many other events in between. The key to having an excellent time at the MCG is finding the right food and drink options to sustain you throughout your stay at this amazing ground.

The MCG has a range of unique places to eat, drink, and be merry. These are the best food options at the MCG.

Public Dining Options

Dog Bar

Level B1, M34 (Ponsford Stand), Level B1, M7 (Shane Warne Stand), Level 4, Q21 (Shane Warne Stand), Level 4, Q34 (Ponsford Stand), Level 4, Q42 (Members’ Reserve), Level 4, Q51 (Olympic Stand), Level 4, Q6 (Shane Warne Stand)
Grab yourself a hot dog with an international flavour to it while you’re at the game. Dog bar dishes up amazing hot dogs with an array of toppings and can be found in many locations around the MCG.

Here’s what you’re in for at the Dog Bar.

  • The ‘G Dog | Premium Frankfurt sausage, mustard, and tomato sauce on a fresh-baked roll
  • Aussie Dog | Premium Frankfurt sausage, caramelised onion, tasty cheesy, BBQ sauce, fresh-baked milk bun roll
  • Currywurst | Bratwurst sausage with curry ketchup, caramelised onion tasty cheesy, BBQ sauce, fresh-baked milk bun roll
  • Chilli Dog | Premium Frankfurt sausage, chilli con carne, American cheese sauce, fresh-baked milk bun roll
  • Family Dog Pack | A Junior Dog, plus a Big Dog, plus a Chilli Dog

Gami Chicken

Level 1, M14 (Shane Warne Stand), Level 1, M21 (Shane Warne Stand)
Gam landed at the MCG in early 2022, bringing its legendary fried chicken to hungry crowds.

Get stuck into these options from Gami:

  • The Gami Chicken Burger | Crispy Korean friend chicken thigh, apple cabbage, coleslaw and Gami cheese sauce on a toasted milk bun
  • Gami Boneless Chicken | Mix of crispy Korean fried chicken breast and thigh fillets with one dipping sauce of your choice: honey mustard, soy garlic, sweet chilli or spicy
  • Prawn Mandu | Chunky prawn homemade mandu, 1000 Island sauce
  • Popcorn Chicken | Crispy Korean chicken pieces with one dipping sauce of your choice: honey mustard, soy garlic, sweet chilli or spicy
  • Game Signature Chips| Locally-grown cut potato strips

Royal Stacks

Level 1, M41 (Members’ Reserve), Level 1, M56 (Olympic Stand)
Burger sensation Royal Stacks has landed at the MCG after dishing out plenty of burgers around Melbourne at its restaurants in Collins Street, Chadstone, Brunswick, Moorabbin, Emporium, and the soon-to-open Melbourne Quarter.

Burgers are freshly made daily from pasture-fed, 100% Australian beef. Check out Royal Stacks’ menu here.

The Great Aussie BBQ

Level B1, M11 (Shane Warne Stand)
Get stuck into classic BBQ favourites at The Great Aussie BBQ, aptly located in the Shane Warne stand.

Choose from the following:

  • Shredded Steak Sandwich
  • Aussie Wagyu Beef Pepper Sausage
  • Chicken and Bacon Kebab
  • BBQ Lamb Rib Shepherd Pie
  • Aussie BBQ Chips.

SPQR Pizza

Level B1, M34 (Ponsford Stand) and Level B1, M54 (Olympic Stand)
Also new to the MCG, SPQR Stadio is an express version of SPQR’s classic sourdough pizzas with a new logo that blends its love of music and the ‘colosseum’ that is the MCG.

The Food Store

Your go-to for traditional footy food and drinks at the MCG, The Food Store has Four ‘n Twenty meat pies, hot chips, and DON hot dogs. There’s also a range of salads, sandwiches, and more.

The Fish Shop

The Fish Shop has alternatives to a classic footy pie. Expect to find fish in batter, as well as salt and pepper calamari, and famous South Melbourne Market dim sims.

The Coffee Shop

Does what it says on the tin. The Coffee Shop serves barista made coffee no matter what time the game stations. Find a Coffee Shop all around the MCG.

The MCG Pie Shop Cart

Serving a selection of handmade pies and pasties, the MCG Pie Shop Cart is a spin on the usual footy pie. Find fillings such as beef and Guinness, lamb and rosemary, chicken and leek, as well as spinach and cauliflower.

Donut Cart

Win or loss, hot doughnuts at the MCG are an absolute must. The Donut Cart serves hot jam doughnuts dipped in sugar. Ideal for winter.

MCG Soup Station

Served only during the winter months, the Soup Cart serves flavours such as Thai pumpkin and roasted ginger, Roma tomato and white bean, spiced potato and leek, and roasted cauliflower soup. All soups come in take away cups with a crusty roll.

Members Dining Options

Committee Room by Grossi

Level 2, Members Reserve
The Committee Room by Grossi features an exclusive menu and experience for the MCC Committee Room. On non-event days both members, and non-members are able to reserve a table.

On match days, members and their guests can watch the game while getting stuck into an a-la-carte menu curated by Melbourne food icon Guy Grossi. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Friday during the week.

The Long Room

Level 2, Members Reserve
Created by Alejandro Saravia (Farmer’s Daughter, Pastuso), the MCC Long Room restaurant focusses on Victorian produce. Members can book and enjoy a buffet-style menu created by Saravia.

Jim Stynes Grill

Level 2, Olympic Stand
Named for Irish Melbourne Football Club legend, Jim Stynes, the Jim Stynes Grill features a fully refurbished kitchen, and a-la-carte menu.

Expect high-quality meat with cuts including rump, scotch fillet, and porterhouse cooked to your liking, as well as wines, in a stylish space outside of the reserve in the Olympic Stand.

Members Dining Room

Level 2, Members Reserve
The a-la-carte dining in the Members Dining Room on event day sees members and guests able to enjoy an amazing offering.

The menu includes four choices of entrees, main courses and desserts, afternoon tea, an extensive wine list and superb views of the MCG and back into the city.


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