Download These Health and Fitness Apps Today for a Healthier Life

fitness apps

With New Year right around the corner, it’s only a matter of time before the “new year, new me” posts begin to flood our Instagram feeds.

While there’s undeniably something inspiring about using a new year to kick off new habits or fitness regimes, it also creates an overwhelming whirlwind of too-packed gym classes and oddly-specific dietary requirements from your previously chill lunch buddies.

That’s why I’m going to suggest you get ahead of the curve, starting today by downloading a few fitness apps to help you start working on the “new you” before the new year has even begun. 

Jilian Michaels Fitness App

Jillian Michaels, the American personal trainer best known for The Biggest Loser has launched a fitness app that comes with a fitness planner, DVD workout library and customised meal planner.

Anyone who has tried one of Michaels’ notoriously difficult DVDs will know that her routines are no joke, so a subscription to her My Fitness Premium on the app is sure to whip you into shape. 


Another great option for a personal training substitute is the app from famous Australian gym-guru Kayla Itsines’ SWEAT.

What started out as a digital version of her famous “Bikini Body Guide” has now transformed into an app combining a number of different trainer’s fitness regiments — as well as an in-app meal planner. 


What if you’ve already got your workout routine down pat and are more in search of shaping up your diet? 

Noom uses psychology-based approaches to teach you how to build healthy habits, based on insight from doctors, psychologists, trainers, and nutritionists. In addition to food-logging features, the app also includes support groups and weight graphs to help you meet your goals. 


Another popular option is Lifesum, a diet and macro tracker. While other calorie-counting apps just look at the numbers, Lifesum looks at the quality and nutrients of the foods you log to make sure you’re not only fitting the numbers but also eating in a balanced way.

This app is especially useful for those embarking on a new diet. The app has features to track low carb, ketogenic and high protein meal plans to name a few, so if these are new diet changes for you, it’s great to have a helping hand (or app) to lead the way. 


As useful as these apps are, we all know that health is more than skin-deep. While exercise and diet are important to healthy living, there are other factors that contribute to our overall well being, and yes, you can bet there’s an app for that.

Try the Headspace app for a guided meditation to keep your brain healthy and help you unwind at the end of a long day.

Sleep Cycle

If sleep quality is something you’re concerned about, download Sleep Cycle to track the duration and quality of sleep. The app’s smart alarm will wake you up at the ideal time during your sleep cycle for optimum energy from the moment you wake.

Drink Water Reminder N Tracker

Looking to make a small change? The Drink Water Reminder N Tracker is a great place to smart. This simple-to-use app will send you notifications to make sure you stay hydrated all day long. The automatic bedtime will also ensure that your precious Zs aren’t interrupted with water reminders.

Whether you’re looking for a total health overhaul or simple daily changes, there are so many apps to get you going in the right direction. Fitness and health are long-term processes, but having a little guidance along the way can never hurt.