The Best Fish and Chip Shops in Melbourne

Real talk: There is a huge difference between good fish and chips and bad fish and chips. I mean, the difference could mean the most delicious, happiness-inducing meal you’ve had for weeks or a startling disappointment.

When you decide to have fish and chips for dinner, you want the optimal experience. There’s no point in eating comfort food that isn’t cooked to perfection, with the right crisp factor, not too much or too little oil, and you want to feel satisfied, warm and like nothing is wrong with the world. 

Fish and chips can take you away from being in lockdown and transport you to the European coast, or your favourite beach or even just a warm comfortable place where nothing else matters.

Can you tell I have a thing for fish and chips? But don’t we all.

With that being said, here are the best fish and chip shops in Melbourne right now. Treat yo’ self.

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BELVGA / Facebook

Beluga Fish and Chippery

South Yarra
It’s a little bit on the pricey side, but it’s worth it. I’ve eaten a lot of chippies in my time, and these take the cake. They’re that glorious bright yellow colour that hot chips should be, they have the crunch factor and they’re oily and salty but it’s not too much. Everything is super fresh and sourced locally, with the option to batter or grill your fish, both of which are delicious. Often if you want grilled fish it can be dry, but not at Beluga. They dress it with oil, lemon and bit of paprika and Greek herbs and it’s *chefs kiss*. They also have heaps of family packs and other favourites, such as crab sticks, pineapple fritters, Dim Sims, calamari and corn jacks. Oh, and they also sell wine.
How to order: You can either go in, order and wait around 15 mins or you can call ahead on (03) 9820 4009

Photo: @whatsfishin

What’s Fishin

Clifton Hill
What’s Fishin’ in Clifton Hill has a super adorable old-school fish and chippery storefront and is super popular in the neighbourhood for good reason. Their menu is a little more modern than the storefront would suggest, offering up heaps of seasonal fish options, fried squid with chill or salt ‘n’ pepper style, pretty lavish burgers, healthy and hearty salads, an assortment of curries, and of course hot chips and favourite fish ‘n’ chippery light bites. They can do everything (even the burgers) gluten-free and they cater for vegans and vegetarians. As far as fish and chip shops goes it’s pretty fancy, but actually super affordable which is a big win.
How to order: Call them up on (03) 9489 0214, order online here, or just walk in and wait. There’s a super cute wine bar/eatery next door called Spensley’s, so you could always have a drink while you wait. 

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Oakleigh Fish ‘N Chippery / Facebook

Oakleigh Fish & Chippery

This is where you go for the authentic experience. Everything you order comes in one big bundle of newspaper, wrapped up together, fish, dim sims, chips, potato cakes and all – even the lemon wedges. Although newer, more modern stores have nice neat packaging that helps keep our fingers clean, there’s nothing quite like that true fish ‘n’ chip experience, where you unwrap the bundle like a present on Christmas morning and find that it’s filled with fried treats. It’s been owned and operated by a Greek family for 30 years, which shows with their offering of souvlaki, greek salads and steaks, as well as classic fish and chip offerings. 
How to order: Call ahead and order for pickup on 03 9568 3868, or order online here

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Tank Fish & Chippery / Facebook

Tank Fish & Chippery 

This Carlton fish and chippery serves fresh oysters… need we say more? Tank Fish & Chippery sits on Lygon Street, right across from Argyle Square, which means it’s perfect for a fish ‘n’ chip picnic. They sustainably source their fish, with different specials everyday, and the most delicious grilled squid that you’ll eat out of a take away box in the burbs. As well as just being a quality fish and chippery, Tank also serves up that Euro Lygon Street experience, with the flirty Italian owner working their most days. Dinner and a show!
FYI: For some reason, Tank Fish & Chippery comes up as Billy’s Corner Shop on Google, but it’s all one in the same.
How to order: You can dine in or takeaway. Call ahead to order takeaway on (03) 9040 2124, or you can also order delivery from UberEats here

Paper Fish

St Kilda
Paper Fish is a different style of fish and chippery, angling for a healthier and fresher alternative to the stodgy beloved traditional. Located within a beachside kiosk in the Stokeside district of St Kilda beach, their prawn tacos and fish burger are pretty damn popular and alongside a Limonatta Granita, how could we say no? This fish and chip kiosk has more of an Italian vibe, reminiscent of all you can eat fried fish kiosks in Italian seaside towns like San Vita and Pescara. 
How to order: Just turn up!! Definitely worth a trip as soon as the weather warms up.

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