Father’s Day Gifts That’ll Bring Out the True Aussie In Your Old Man

Father's Day gifts

I know what you’re thinking, another year has flown by and it’s that time you scrounge around the internet hunting for the perfect gift for your old man.

It’s pretty well established that dads are probably the hardest family member to shop for. Whatever you do buy them, it ends up sitting in the back of the closet for three years, labels still intact, and he only remembers he’s got it when it’s time to do the by-century summer clear out. 

We understand you want to buy him something with a bit more thought behind it, knowing he’d actually put it to use. There are some gift ideas out there that are universally loved by all dads, and we’ve gathered them in a list so you can find the perfect gift that’ll bring out the true Aussie in your old man. 

Hugo Boss Bottled For Men EDT Perfume 100mL, $64 (was $133)

Some would argue it’s a cliche to buy your Dad a fragrance for Father’s Day, but why not? Nobody likes paying out of our own pockets for it because it’s expensive, and when it’s gifted every year, he’ll get a new one just in-time for his old one to run out. 

Hugo Boss Bottled For Men EDT Perfume is a signature for middle aged men. Most have worn it for years, and with most people of that generation, once you’ve found something you like, why change it?

Hugo Boss

AS UGG Mini Boots Mens Lace up Shoes Justin, $135, was $265

It’s nice to get suited and booted, and whip out a pair of reliable and versatile shoes, which is exactly what the UGG Mini Lace up Boots are. Available in three tones, the iconic UGG Chestnut, grey or black. Crafted from high quality suede, and featuring Australian sheepskin lining to keep his feet moisture-free and leave you feeling like you’re walking on clouds. They’re a solid pair of boots suitable for all seasons. 

Ugg Mini Boots

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Bluetooth Speaker, $119 (was $129.95)

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 is more than just a speaker, and the reason it’s contender to be the speaker most suitable for dads is because they’re practically indestructible. Whether you’re knocking around by a pool, doing some DIY weekend project or just sipping on a beer on the deck watching the world go by, this speaker can handle pretty much all the bumps and knocks he can put it through. It has a 33 meter range, plus an Outdoor Boost button for louder audio in outdoor settings, perfect for when his favourite ACDC song comes on shuffle.

Ultimate Ears

Therapist Select Plus Percussion Massager Gun, $119.00, was $149.95

Nothing gets them more excited than small gadgets. Whether your Dad is an avid runner, or just suffers from muscle soreness or feeling tender after a busy day, this Pro Series II Percussion Massage Gun will provide a fast and effective deep tissue massage, with 6 intensities and interchangeable attachment.

Waterproof Lithium-Ion Stainless Steel Trimmer – Slate, $224.95, was $249.95

Keep him looking sharp with this stainless steel trimmer. Wahl is arguably the most recognised and highly reputable name in the world of barbers, and us Aussies, particularly those of the older generation, tend to have a strong appreciation for well-made things. Made with a lithium-iron battery, he’ll get plenty of life out of this trimmer, plus it’s waterproof, too, so he can trim his beard in the shower or not worry about it falling in the sink.

Waterproof Lithium-Ion Stainless Steel Trimmer - Slate

New Balance 624V5 Sneaker, $97.50, was $130

New Balance is the most Dad sneaker out there. The ultimate shoes you’ll see your old man sporting in crisp white conditio as he flips the burgers at the barbeque. And to be fair, there’s a solid reason why they’re being worn by the Dads of the world, they’re perhaps one of the most comfortable casual shoes, with a sporty aesthetic, and are perfect for all activities. 

New Balance Sneakers

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