10 Thoughtful Experience Gifts to Get Someone Who Already Has Everything

RedBalloon Peninsula Hot Springs

With expected shipping delays this year, not to mention a light being shone on the impact of stuff on the planet, there couldn’t be a better time to consider gifting experiences rather than actual presents, for Christmas.

Apart from the fact that experience gifts usually don’t require anything to be shipped and, depending on the experience, produce less waste, they also help to create memories, are incredibly thoughtful and will likely have your giftee thinking of you all the way through.

But, what are the best experience gifts you can get for someone in Australia? Ahead, we’ve tapped into our wider team at The Latch for their best suggestions on what to get. From a hosted gin-making session, to ground passes to the Australian Open, these are the experiences they said would make the best Christmas gifts.

Skydiving Gift Voucher

“I’d always wanted to go and when I turned 16, I was gifted that experience on the first day I could legally do it. It wasn’t something I could afford myself at the time and I had been talking about it for ages so it made sense, but I probably wouldn’t buy that for someone who is scared of heights or has never expressed interest. Still, I think it’s something everyone should do once so could be a great one for any thrill seekers in your life.”

Jack Revell, Culture Editor

Blys Gift Voucher

“I’ve been gifted a Blys Gift Voucher twice, and I used them both for a deep tissue massage. The masseuse came to my house, set up their bed in my lounge room and I had the most blissful massage! They offer kinds of massages, like Swedish, remedial and even pregnancy, as well as every kind of beauty, hair or wellness treatment, you’d want, like facials, manicures and spray tans.”

Sangeeta Kocharekar, Lifestyle Editor

Four Pillars Maker Session

“I got the Four Pillars Maker Session as a Christmas gift for my partner last year. It’s a great experience for those who love gin. We got to distill our own gin throughout the session while sampling their signature gins. It also included a tasting board to go with it, and we got to make a couple of cocktails, too. It was super interesting to hear the backstory of Four Pillars and how they make, distill and come up with interesting new flavour combinations for their gins. Our host was lovely and super knowledgeable, it was a really fun day and you can hang around at the bar in Sydney suburb Surry Hills after the session, too.”

Valentina Todoroska, Managing Editor

Sydney BridgeClimb Gift Voucher

“This sounds like a cliché, but the BridgeClimb is genuinely one of the best Sydney experiences I’ve done. I always wanted to do it, so asked for a voucher for my birthday a few years ago, and it honestly blew me away. I did it with my partner and sister, and we were lucky to have a clear night during our twilight session, so watched the sunset over the Blue Mountains from the top of the bridge — it was magic!”

Angela Law, Shopping and Commercial Content Editor

Airbnb Gift Card

“Airbnb only just launched its gift cards recently here in Australia. They make for a great gift because they don’t have any expiry date, can range in value from $25 to $2,000, and let the giftee book Airbnb properties all around the world. I’d suggest getting a few people together to group gift this to someone and adding a few of your favourite property listings as suggestions for them to book in the card.”

Sangeeta Kocharekar, Lifestyle Editor

Peninsula Hot Springs Voucher

“Peninsula Hot Springs is the best for this as they have heaps of different packages. It’s the ultimate date — we did the dine and bathe for two and went at night. It was the perfect de-stress and just so tranquil and relaxing. They have so many different pools to choose from all various temperatures, and the sauna and steam rooms are incredible. The owners travel around the world to draw inspiration and bring world-class facilities all within an hour drive of Melbourne.”

Allison Charles, Senior Account Manager

Fliteboarding Tour

“I gifted my partner a session at Manly Flite School for his birthday last year and it was the coolest thing ever. What makes it a great gift: it’s a super unique pressie for Adrenalin junkies or anyone who loves water sports, you get a fun day out on the water, learn a new skill and get to experience flying around the water like a surfer superhero. Plus, no experience is required to do it (although Alex said that already being a surfer/skier definitely helped) so it’s good for anyone in your life.”

Lyndsey Rodrigues, Entertainment Editor

Whale Watching Cruise

“A few years ago, I was gifted a whale watching cruise and it’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever received! It’s an experience I never thought to organise for myself, but one I’ll never forget. Sitting on a boat hoping to see something jump out of the water might not sound very grand, but I promise that it’s impossible not to feel a burst of excitement the moment you first see one.”

Alana Young, Gaming Producer

Ground Passes to the Australian Open

“Since I was 10 and my sister was 13, my parents would give us Ground Passes to go together to the Australian Open — unsupervised. Shock horror! And the tradition continued as we grew older — we always got a double ground pass. It’s a festival there — a ground pass is enough. Though one year, my parents were feeling generous and we got tickets to Rod Laver Arena. I’m so looking forward to going back to the Australian Open again. It’s such a great day out.”

Katie Taylor, Digital Partnerships Manager

Restaurant Voucher

“A restaurant voucher. I love trying new restaurants and if someone else is shouting, even better. I definitely don’t need any more ‘things’, so having a reason to get dressed up and go out for a memorable dinner is the best. If you’re in Sydney, I’d suggest getting a voucher to Mimi’s, Manta or Firedoor.

Amanda Bardas, Publisher

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