From Trendy to Timeless, These Are the Best Dinnerware Pieces You Can Buy Right Now

Dinnerware sets

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Nice dinnerware can make all the difference in a dining experience. Breaking out a classic porcelain set can make it feel elegant — even if you’re just eating some takeaway or leftovers. Serving from a colourful platter is a great way to inject some fun into your meal and, if you’re having guests over, make the dining setup extremely photo-worthy.

With so many different dinnerware brands on the market in Australia, we have no shortage of options to buy that’ll suit any need. From Fazeek’s newly-released funky platters, to Wedgewood’s timeless full dining sets with a deboss textures and a clean, white glaze finish, we’ve rounded up our favourite Australian dinnerware.

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No 22 Capri Da Paolino 4pc Blue Dinner Plate, $129

No 22 Capri plates

These porcelain plates were inspired by the Italian island of Capri. And though they don’t look it with their daintiness, they’re safe to pop in the dishwasher or microwave.

Maison Balzac 4pc Petit Four Plates, $119

Maison Balzac Petit Four

Yes, these plates are only big enough for side dishes and desserts, but they’re always handy to have in the cupboard if you’re only after a snack and wanting less to clean.

Fazeek Pearl Platter, $159

Fazeek Pearl Platter

Each glass pearl on this platter is handmade and fired onto it. Use it for serving salads, fish or even a dessert, like a pie.

Alex and Trahanas Ceramic Scalloped Dinner Plate, $95

Alex and Trahanas Ceramic Dinner plate

While Alex and Trahanas are known for their colourful dinnerware, this ceramic scalloped dinner plate is more classic, in cream colour. Though, if you are looking for more colour, it comes in green, too. Like the rest of the brand’s range, it’s hand-painted and made in Puglia, Italy.

Wedgewood Gio 16pc Place Setting, $449

Wedgewood dinner set

A new dinnerware set can help kickstart a new chapter in your life, so if that’s what you’re after, consider this 16-piece set that’ll work for both everyday dining and entertaining. It includes four plates, side dish plates, bowls and mugs.

Roundhouse Sardines by Daimon Downey, $29

Sardines Daimon Downey

Sydney artist Daimon Downey collaborated with Roundhouse, creating colourful, seafood-inspired artwork for a series of porcelain plates. The plates feature a crab, octopus and prawn, among other seafood. Buy one to set out as a statement piece, or several for an inviting entertaining setup.

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