There’s a Best Day to Be Active on Dating Apps, and It’s Coming Up

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For many single people, one of their New Year’s resolutions likely revolves around finding love — either within themselves, by taking more time out for self-care, or with someone else. And so, for those looking to find it with a partner, it makes sense that straight after New Year’s, they’d be hitting their first port of call: the dating apps.

Enter Dating Sunday. Every year for the past few, dating app Tinder has reported that the first Sunday of the year has been one of the ‘busiest days’ on the app. And this year, after a tumultuous year of lockdowns and restrictions, the app is predicting that’ll be the case again as singletons are filled with new year, and potentially new love, optimism.

“We’re anticipating that Dating Sunday will see plenty of hopeful Aussie singletons search for someone to share their 2022 goals with and match with people who share their vibe,” says Tinder Australia spokesperson Kirsty Dunn.

“With the new year almost here, Tinder is encouraging members to refresh their bios, review passions and interests, update profile photos, and make the most of the new social experience features in Explore, where matches are made based on chosen common interests or goals.”

As for the chances of actually meeting your potential love — well, if it’s Tinder you’re using, the chances aren’t looking too favourable, with new research by the app saying only 41% of its Australian members saying they were keen on meeting matches in real life in the new year. Though, it’s not clear whether their response to meeting every single match or whether it was only the matches they might be keen on.

The research also revealed a mere 25% of Australian users promised not to ghost and a paltry 22% said they looked like their pics. As for what Aussie users are looking for with their dates, the research found that a staggering 48% were after someone with a sense of humour, 21% wanted a trustworthy connection, 18% were on the lookout for someone who is “not an ass” and 13% were on the hunt for a date who was simply “kind”.

So, if you’re one of the many singles joining Dating Sunday, how can you better your chances at finding love (or even a hook-up, if that’s what you’re after)? Lucille McCart, lead marketer and associate director of dating app Bumble, which requires the women to start the conversation, says it all comes down to your opening line.

“It sets the tone for the conversation with your match”, she says. But while it’s up to the women to start the chat on Bumble, McCart says this doesn’t mean that guys don’t have to also put in the work. “How you respond to an opening line is just as important in ensuring the chat goes smoothly enough to lead to a date (IRL or virtual),” she says.

You can read McCart’s suggested opening lines on dating apps here. We’ve also got a round-up of the some of the best dating apps to use in your 30s and 40s here.

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