Brisbane Is Australia’s ‘Friendliest’ City


All around the world, Australians are regarded as friendly, laid-back and approachable. While complimentary personality traits we’re generally more than happy to live up to, it would seem that Aussies from some cities could be considered friendlier than others.

New data from Expedia, which analysed the travel platform’s bank of global reviews, now confirms what is definitively Australia’s friendliest city, and no, it’s not Sydney or Melbourne.

To gather it’s results, Expedia took a closer look into guest reviews of global destinations, specifically seeking out positive sentiments with mentions of the works ‘friendly’ and ‘friendliest’.

From its research, Expedia was able to name Australia’s friendliest city as Brisbane. That’s right, people from Brisbane are reportedly the warmest and most approachable of all Australians. And how could they not be? With beautiful weather year-round and white-sand beaches running up and down the coast, the city gives back to its residents in many ways.

In second place came Hobart, followed by Adelaide. Sydney followed closely in fourth place, while Melbourne finds itself a little further down the list… Here are Australia’s friendliest cities.

  1. Brisbane
  2. Hobart
  3. Adelaide
  4. Sydney
  5. Perth
  6. Melbourne
  7. Cairns
  8. Surfers Paradise
Sydneysiders came fourth in the list of friendliest Australian cities. Getty Images

Expedia’s research extended far beyond Australia to find the world’s friendliest cities in every country. Across the ditch in New Zealand, it was Christchurch that ranked first above other NZ cities like Queenstown and Auckland.

In the UK, Liverpool ‘out-friendlied’ London and Brighton. In the US, New Orleans came first (hardly a surprise to anyone who has been lucky enough to visit the Louisiana city), and in Japan, it was Kyoto that outranked all other destinations.

Check out the full list below.

Australia: Brisbane

New Zealand: Christchurch

UK: Liverpool

Singapore: Orchard Road

USA: New Orleans

Canada: Quebec

Mexico: Guadalajara

France: Cannes

Germany: Berlin

Hong Kong: Discovery Bay

Japan: Kyoto

South Korea: Pyeongchang

Italy: Verona

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