5 Experiences to Shop Ahead of Christmas If You’ve Already Got Too Much Stuff

Red Balloon experiences

If you are anything like us, you are drowning in stuff.

There’s no denying it, we have too many possessions, and we’re all guilty of hoarding it all and justifying that perhaps ONE DAY we’ll find a need for a blue feather boa and disco ball keyring⁠— any day now. This is why this Black Friday we’re going to put our blinders on to all the shiny new things on sale and will be buying experiences instead.

Check out our top five picks from RedBalloon below and prepare to start filling your time with new experiences (instead of your home with stuff!) and help you create memories with partners, friends and family.

Head Under the Sea

Move over Ariel, we’re heading under the sea for a Great Barrier Reef Cruise with lunch and a snorkelling experience like no other.

For so many Aussies, seeing the Great Barrier Reef up close is on the bucket list, but is often neglected for excursions a little further from home. Well, it’s time to look for an experience right on our very own doorstep.

This bang-for-your-buck activity offers a full-day tour, snorkelling equipment, a glass-bottom boat, a buffet lunch and so much more.

Check it out here

Great Barrier Reef Cruise

Why Not Jump out of a Plane?

While we’re on the topic of ticking things off your bucket list, we bet skydiving is another box begging to be ticked off.

There really is no other feeling like the rush of jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet as you free-fall for 60 seconds over Wollongong’s beautiful coast as you gently descend.

If you’ve been looking for a sign as to the perfect time to check out this experience, here it is.


Looking for a Thrill?

Want the thrill from the rush of quad biking through some of the world’s largest sand dunes? For one hour, you’ll experience the freedom of zooming up and down this vast sandy playground as they enjoy stunning views of the coast from the peaks.

Take a walk (or should we say, ride?) on the wild side with this experience and will be sure to prepare for an hour of pure exhilaration and fun.

Learn more about this experience here.

Quad bike adventure

Head Out Into the Great Outdoors

Lions and tigers and bears – oh my!

If you’re a lover of the great outdoors and animals, you can’t go past this Overnight Zoo Safari with dinner and breakfast experience.

This wild gift will see you spend an evening in a luxury safari tent with a purpose-built balcony and ensuite overlooking the Werribee River and the Zoo’s African savannah.

Hosted by expert guides, you’ll have loads of opportunities over two days to get up close and personal with an animal encounter and excite over a fully hosted dusk safari tour, as well as enjoy the sunset from their private deck with a glass of bubbles in hand. Make memories with friends or family that will last a lifetime.

Ready to travel to Africa without needing a passport? Check out the experience here

Overnight zoo safari

Calling All Foodies

Are you someone who won’t let your table start eating until you have a perfectly curated flat lay for social? Then this experience is perfect for you.

Nestled onto the Cowper Bay Wharf, Otto restaurant is a Sydney institution that will have you and your dining buddy licking your lips as you swiftly become the envy of everyone on your social channels.

This Delicious Italian-inspired six-course seafood menu celebrates the best produce and seafood on offer as you bask in the sunshine by the water like the celebrities you both are.

Ready to book your table? Lock in your experience here

Otto Ristorante

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