7 of the Best Smelling Candles For Your Home, Including a Heavenly $2 Scent

Best candles

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Candles can completely change your mood. The scent might make you feel more relaxed, or remind you of a place you love or memory you’ll always treasure. In addition to all that, the flickering flame may also mesmerise you, drawing your full attention so you slowly forget all your worries from the day.

In Australia, we’re lucky enough to have countless candle brands offering all sorts of scents and sizes. But because of that, the options can be tricky to narrow down to find the candle you want. So, to help you out, ahead we’re sharing what we currently consider to be the best candles in Australia.

Breenhill French Juniper and Lavender Candle, $18.69

Who knew Amazon sells candles? This candle smells of French juniper and lavender and comes in a black jar you can clean out and use after to store Q-tips or makeup wipes. The candle can burn for up to 32 hours.

Breenhill Jar Candles

Glasshouse Gardenia Inoubliable Candle, $79.95

Glasshouse’s Gardenia Inoubliable Candle ($79.95), which has notes of gardenia and soft florals.

Glasshouse candle Gardenia

Rose Quartz – loved and worthy, $69

Cleanse & Co’s Intention range of candles are all topped with crystals that work to help you feel a certain way. In addition to this loved and worthy candle, the brand also has calm and centred and clear and focused. They come in all types of scents, including coconut and lime, pistachio and vanilla and creamy caramel.

Cleanse & Co

Ecoya Blackcurrant and Tuberose, $49.95

This candle smells of blossom, blackcurrant and pear, layered atop jasmine, cedar and musk. It comes in a glass jar you can reuse in the kitchen and has a burn time of up to 80 hours.

Ecoya candle

Dedcool 01 “Taunt” Massage Candle, $55

Wondering what a massage candle means? It’s meant for slowing down and savouring intimate moments with yourself or your partner. This scent blends bergamot, floral and vanilla.

Dedcool candle

Kmart Salted Caramel Fragrant Candle in Glass, $2

This $2 candle smells strongly of bargain. It’s got that much-loved salted caramel candle scent, and has a burn time of up to eight hours.

Salted Caramel Fragrant Candle

This 9.8cm tall candle has a 110-hour burn time, during which it’ll make your whole home smell like burnt sugar, sea salt and vanilla caramel.


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