The Best Burgers in Melbourne Right Now

Sometimes, you just feel like a burger. We can’t explain it, it’s just a feeling. And honestly, we think you should trust your instincts. But you want to get a good, juicy burger, we get it. 

So whether you’re after a healthy option, something plant-based, gluten-free, vegetarian or just plain greasy and good, we’ve got something for you.

These are the best burger joints in Melbourne.


Royal Stacks 

Brunswick, CBD & Moorabbin
Royal Stacks is an epic burger franchise, with locations in Brunswick, Collins Street and a new spot in Moorabbin. Run by extreme burger-aficionado Dani Zeini, these burgers are as real as it gets. Think double stacked burgers, heaps of bacon, homemade sauce, mustards and pickles. They are mouth-wateringly good.


Meat Frankie

Brunswick East
Meat Frankie is a classic burger joint, done with a modern flourish and impeccable technique. They’ve taken all the good bits from vintage burger joints—the black and white checkered vinyl floor, blues and soul tunes, homemade hot sauce and flavoured shakes—and elevated it. Meat Frankie offers custom blend melt-in-your-mouth beef patties that you can stack as high as you like, and, as in old-school diner fashion, you have the option to customise your burgers with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, jalapenos and grilled mushrooms free of charge. Their burgers are tasty and satisfying, without being too greasy.


Burger Road

Fitzroy & Fairfield
Burger Road is a beloved American-styled burger joint, known for its incredible vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free burgers, which don’t compromise on good ingredients and incredibly delicious combos. They’re just about to launch a menu with extra spicy burgers and sides, including a Korean fried chicken burger complete with spicy gochujang mayo and “Reaper” spice-level Chicken Wings.



Easey’s is a burger joint in a train that sits above the rooftops of Collingwood. It’s genuinely as ‘Melbourne’ as it gets. Their burgers are greasy and good, with simple delights like your classic cheeseburger, double BBQ bacon cheeseburger and a fried onion burger, complete with loaded chips and an epic view. The trains are the canvas to graffiti art which changes daily. From the trains, you can see the skyline of Melbourne’s inner north and drink a Melbourne Bitter. It really doesn’t get much more Melbourne.



8bit is good for a burger-on-the-go because they’re super speedy and delicious every time. You can sit in or takeaway, but their venues are super cute, complete with pastel colours and indoor plants. Their 8bit burger with cheese is a classic, and then if you level up with a side of loaded fries and an ice-cold milkshake, there’s so much to love.


The B.East

Brunswick East, Fitzroy
The B.East is all about burgers, booze and bands, delivering epic gigs, drink specials and to-die-for burgers to the inner-north burbs. Every ingredient in these delish burgers are made on-site, and there’s a big range to choose from, including a plant-based section. Their burgers hit the spot and their venues are perfect for a late-arvo graze and hang.


Leonard’s House Of Love

South Yarra
Leonard’s is a ’70s-inspired log cabin and bar in the middle of South Yarra, complete with a lounge room and pool table. They’re known for the classic American-style burgers and tenders, as well as their awesome music events and parties. They also have a food truck, which pops up at festivals and events all over Melbourne. 


Andrew’s Hamburgers

Albert Park
Andrew’s Hamburger’s have been slinging patties since 1939, and are home to the Original Melbourne Hamburger…so it’s safe to say they’re professionals. They serve up burgers from every corner of the globe, including the Sanchez Mexican burger, the Rusty American burger and the Five-O Hawaiian burger. They also have great vegetarian options, potato cakes and dim sims. 


Danny’s Hamburgers

Fitzroy North
Danny’s is as old-school as it gets. We’re all about the counter service, black and white checkered vinyl floors and old red leather stools, not to mention the addictive greasy burgers and epic steaks. It’s very roadside American-diner vibes but in Fitzroy North. Danny’s is a reliable spot for a late-night feast, open until midnight every night.


Juanita Peaches

Juanita Peaches is our one-stop shop for literally every delicious snack we could ever desire, serving up epic burgers, fried chicken, burritos and doughnuts in Brunswick. Their cheeseburger is especially good, with 120g of grass-fed beef, double cheese, mustard onions and pickles on their famous boogie potato buns. That, with a side of their fried chicken, and you’re in for a feast.


Tuck Shop Takeaway 

Caulfield North
Tuck Shop Takeaway is a burger joint like no other. They make everything in-house. Although their burgers are at the top of their list of offerings, they also have incredible hand- cut chips, jaffles, shakes, sodas and ice creams. They also make slushies. It doesn’t get much more old school than this place. 

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