Embrace Mood Lighting With These Bedroom Lamps

best bedroom lamps

At some point, we all start nesting and improving our home spaces, so we feel comfortable in them. There’s nothing like curling up in bed with fresh sheets and a great book, surrounded by the artwork you carefully selected and the furniture you invested in. And you know what? You need a great bedroom lamp to go with that idyllic setup.

Mood lighting is totally necessary if you want to really turn your bedroom into an oasis. Soft, warm light is best — so, whichever lamp you choose for your interior style, make sure you pick up some warm light bulbs, like this decorative globe from Bunnings. Warm light will make your room feel cosy, and will also help you wind down before sleep. Cool lighting, on the other hand, is good for studying and areas where you want to feel focused.

When it comes to bedroom lamp design, feel free to get creative. Many lamps feature really interesting, sculptural designs that bring more to the bedroom than just light. Alternatively, if you already have a lot going on in your room, choose a lamp that’s slim and unobtrusive.

These are our favourite bedroom lamps for all interior styles.

Flora Table Lamp

Image: Kogan

Definitely falling into the decorative category, this lamp from Matt Blatt ($47.99) is a winner because of its slim design — it’ll fit on even a small bedside table, leaving room for your phone and books. The solid mango wood base means it won’t tip over easily, and the filtered light through the metal patterns is really soothing.

Asher Table Lamp

Image: Catch.com.au

One of the most affordable bedroom lamps we found, this Mirabella design ($24.99) still has features that make it feel more expensive than it is. With a sturdy ceramic stone base with pottery-style grooves and a minimalist shade, this lamp works well in neutral spaces, where you don’t want the necessary furnishings to impact the aesthetics.

Helium Table Lamp

Image: Myer

This structural design by Lexi Lighting ($115) is a winner in two ways: it emits a glowy, warm light thanks to the glass sconce, and it also doubles as art thanks to its delicate brass stem and marble base. This is the bedroom lamp you need if you love clean, minimalist lines.

Mercator Moby Lamp

Image: Freedom

Beautifully constructed with concrete and timber, this elegant piece ($139) is all about the details. It also features a linen lampshade and has been designed in line with the industrial interiors trend, so will work well in a space that features raw materials like cork and recycled wood.

Cosh Table Lamp

Image: Freedom

Mushroom lamps have become a key interior trend thanks to TikTok, and despite their unique shape, work well in most living aesthetics. The Cosh lamp ($59.95) is available in five colourways, including black and warm rust, with a metal design that’s durable and sturdy.

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