Ten of Perth’s Prettiest and Tastiest Bakeries

Zonts Bakehouse Perth bakeries

Perth has more bakeries, patisseries and pastry shops than a relatively small city on the far edge of the map has any right to. With a population of 2.2 million, there are at least 30 bakeries across a relatively tight metropolitan area that you could walk into and be blown away by the quality of the produce.

But we’re not here for the rest, we’re here for the best. We’ve hammered that list down by a rigorous process of elimination to bring you the 10 best bakeries in Perth.

Much like the rest of the country, Perth’s bakery scene is heavily influenced by British tradition, particularly southern British working-class cuisine. This means meat pies and other hearty staples are the bedrock of the genre. Lamington slices, apple strudel, and other classic antipodean quirks have however made their way into the canon of Perth baking. In recent years, there has been a surge in sourdough, sustainable practices, and a rise in gluten-free and vegan options.

The city’s bakeries are mainly local affairs, with Northbridge and Freo being hot spots of sorts. Outside of that, most suburbs have their own community bakery serving the fine people of the area their daily bread.

Here is the best that those bakeries offer.

Best Bakeries Perth

Corica Pastries, Northbridge


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Kicking off with one of the OGs of the Perth baking scene we have Corica. Founded in 1957, Corica is a traditional European gem slinging its now world-famous apple strudel to the masses for over 60 years and is still going strong. Get down here for a bite of this flaky pasty filled with warm, spiced apple and cream.

Chu Bakery, Highgate


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A bite-sized, French-inspired bakery across from Hyde Park, Chu has been wowing locals and tourists since 2015. Perhaps it’s the fact, despite only being able to fit six in their tiny shop and husband and wife duo Ryan and Seren Chu are entirely self-taught, there is an almost permanent queue outside. Whatever the reason, make sure you’re in it.

Teeter Bakery, East Perth


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Opening last year and already making a big splash on social media, Teeter is the passion project of local bakery queen Natasha Brownfield. Having worked behind the scenes in many places on this list, her own shop sells a slap-up core range of pastries plus a whole load of more extravagant bakes. Order online or pick up from the ‘bakery door’ Thursdays to Saturdays.

Zonts Bakehouse, Northbridge


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Zonts have been doing weird and wonderful things to croissants in the back alleys of Northbridge for a few years now. As the name suggests, (‘cros-zont’), the bakery focuses almost exclusively on croissants and the croissant adjacent, pushing the form to its extreme. Think yoghurt cheesecake croissant tart, or pork croissant bao. They even have a hefty vegan range that holds its own and, with skills like that, you know they’re onto something.

W.H.I.P Patisserie, Inglewood

As delicious as patisserie is, there’s no getting away from the fact that, if you’re vegan, it’s pretty much off-limits. W.H.I.P is here to change all that with its 100% vegan patisserie range. After doing the market rounds for a few years, they opened their first brick-and-mortar last year and the reviews are good. High quality, local ingredients, and packed with out-there flavours, even if you’re not vegan, you ought to give it a go.

Layers Bakery, Subiaco

Layers Bakery is a hidden gem by the Subiaco train station. A no-frills, unassuming place that you would hardly expect to be hiding the best croissants in town, at least, according to the West Australian. Frenchman Bertrand Hofman spent a year perfecting his sourdough before leaping to a full-time career as a baker and you can taste the dedication. The bakery offers a proper taste of the finest things France has to offer.

Wild Bakery, Freemantle


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What is it about self-taught husband and wife teams smashing the bakery game? I guess if you wager both your livelihoods on your bread-making skills, you’re going to be pretty good. Wild Bakery is the pudding where the proof is found, although they are sourdough specialists using natural ferments to age their doughs just right. That said, they’ll also do you a top-tier Blak Forest torte, lemon meringue pie, or rhubarb and raspberry tart, too.

Everyday Bread, Wilagee


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Oozing suburban charm, Everyday Bread is as wholesome as its name would suggest. Co-owner Thomas Radford can often be found handing still-warm sourdough loaves to mums on their way back from the school run that are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The operation was pulled together by two mates with years of oven experience. It continues to be a community lynchpin today.

North Street Store, Cottesloe

Speaking of community lynchpins, North Street Store is perhaps one of the most iconic community takeaways in the city. While they’re partly an outpost for local artisans of all types to shift their wares, they deal heavily in their own sourdough bread. You can either pick up a fresh bag on your way through or have it already topped or filled with fresh, Meditarranean-inspired sandwich ingredients. Or do both.

Strange Grains, Shenton Park

Finally, we come to Strange Grains, a trendy gluten-free bakery founded by a woman who has been shunning wheat since before many of us even knew the term of problematic sugar. Jenny Holten, aged 75, is a lifelong coeliac who founded the bakery shortly after retiring to give people like her the opportunity to eat fresh, delicious bread and pastries whenever they wanted. Its proved such a winner that even Shark Tank investor Naomi Simson is on board.

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