The Results Are In for Australia’s Best Coffee Beans and They Might Surprise You


If you’re a Melburnian like me, you may find you’re a bit of a coffee snob. With so many gorgeous cafes, run by people who are truly passionate about making you the perfect coffee, it’s easy to get used to the good life.

It’s a luxury to be a coffee snob, however, it does mean that we’re less inclined to make coffee at home. You go into a cafe for the experience, the pretty indoor plants, the smell of coffee beans roasting and your cup made to perfection with your preferred milk.

But there is one downside to finding yourself at beaut little cafes every day: the financial investment. Good coffee is expensive. A large latte averages at $5 everywhere and when you add that up, you’re spending $35 on coffee a week.

Therefore, sometimes it’s nice to have coffee at home. With the endless amounts of coffee beans on the market, it’s actually pretty daunting to shop for the perfect coffee bean for your preferred coffee style.

Luckily, Canstar has released a coffee beans review, ranking the most delicious beans and where to buy them, and you might be surprised at who came in as the best.

Through their coffee beans review, Canstar announced ALDI Australia’s award-winning Lazzio coffee has now taken out the top prize for Best Coffee beans in their latest Most Satisfied Customer Awards, beating out supermarket staples Lavazza, Vittoria, Grinders and many more. The beans are ranked based on their overall taste, texture and value for money.

The official ranking of coffee beans goes as follows:

  1. Lazzio
  2. Harris
  3. Grinders
  4. Coles Urban Coffee Culture
  5. Lavazza
  6. Woolworths
  7. Caffe Aurora
  8. Vittoria
  9. Bean Ground & Drunk Organic
  10. Gloria Jeans

In response to the award announcement, Varun Raheja, Coffee Buying Director at ALDI Australia said:

“We couldn’t be more excited that our Lazzio range has been recognised. Roasted in Melbourne, we developed the Lazzio Coffee range to bring customers a café experience at home. Our aim is to always exceed our customers’ expectations, so Aussie coffee drinkers can be sure that their morning brew from ALDI is the best quality at the lowest price possible. There’s nothing like starting your day with a perfect cup of coffee and the satisfying feeling of savings in the back pocket!”

Produced by Richmond-based Black Bag Roasters, who has been an ALDI partner since 2014, the Lazzio range uses responsibly and ethically sourced beans. All of the Lazzio coffee that is supplied to ALDI is either Fairtrade or UTZ Certified.

Honestly, this has given us some thinking to do. I don’t know about you, but I always seem to buy Lavazza because I love the ads, and my Nonna always used to have a bag of Lavazza in her cupboard. We’re so used to buying what we know, that it can be surprising when you discover something cheaper and tastier out there.

ALDI, you’re killing it at the moment. Hang tight while I go buy myself a new bag of coffee beans.

You can see Canstar Blue’s announcement and rankings here.

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