The Best Boozy Advent Calendars to Shop In 2021

good pair days advent calendar

Christmas is the happiest time of the year. That’s not up for debate, it’s simply a fact. It’s impossible to say whether the excitement is born from memories of being a kid and spending the entire year counting down the days until Santa arrived, or if it’s the general cheeriness that comes with an approaching summer and days spent away from the office.

Regardless of our motives, there’s certainly no better way to tick off the days before Christmas than with an advent calendar. This year (like many others before it), we’re forgoing the chunks of chocolate and buying a boozy advent calendar to light the path towards a summer holiday. Not only fun and delicious, alcohol advent calendars are also a great way to try a few new tipples without the commitment of buying a whole bottle or six-pack.

Keep on reading to find the best boozy advent calendars to shop in 2021.

1. Good Pair Days 12 Days of Wine Advent Calendar, $295 – $795

Good Pair Days never misses a chance to roll out their Christmas advent calendar — and they’re organised, too. This year, you can choose between three advent calendars (classic, fancy, and extra fancy) and every single one comes with an extremely appropriate picnic set as a bonus. These advent calendars sell out quickly every year, so, to make sure you don’t miss out on nabbing one, you should get in quickly on the Good Pair Days website, right now. This calendar includes full-sized bottles of wines and there are three pricing tiers: $295, $495 and $795.

good pair days advent calendar

2. White Possums Australian Whisky Advent Calendar, $299

If whisky tasting has become one of your hobbies in the past year, then buying a whisky advent calendar to ring in the festive season is, frankly, a no-brainer. This particular calendar features 12 Australian whiskies from distilleries dotted around the country. Each dram comes in a cute little 30ml matte black glass bottle and we won’t spoil exactly what’s in the bottles because discovering them throughout December is 90 percent of the fun.

whisky advent calendar
Kent Street Cellars

3. 24 Days of Rum Christmas Advent Calendar, $200

While many alcohol advent calendars have 12 days of goodies, this rum calendar pleasingly has 24 from 24 different countries. That means you could share it with a friend or, more likely, enjoy one per day in the lead-up to the big day. Behind each door is a 20ml sample of rum and there are no clues to be found about exactly what distilleries are included.

rum advent calendar
Dan Murphy’s

4. 12 and 24 Mixed Wine Advent Calendars, $330 and $699

If you’re feeling extremely extra (for the record, we approve), this wine advent calendar is the one. There are two calendars to choose from (a 12-bottle and 24-bottle), with both packed with full-sized bottles of wine from 919 Wines — including drops from Ella Semmler’s Orchard. This advent calendar is great for people who are entertaining constantly during December, or want to ensure they’re well-stocked with quality wines, should there be an occasion to share a bottle with friends.

919 wine advent calendar
Dan Murphy’s

5. Gin and Tonic Loot Advent Calendar, $259 – $319

collectors edition whisky advent calendar
Whisky Loot

If gin and tonic is your drink of choice, then the Gin Loot and Tonic Advent Calendar will be your best friend through December. Showcasing the very best that the gin world has to offer, it includes gins from seven countries including Japan, France, the USA, and South Africa. Specifically, it includes 24 mini bottles of gin and a paired tonic water for each, or you can forego the tonics and save yourself $60.

6. Mixed Spirits Loot Advent Calendar, $259 – $299

This year, Liquor Loot has designed the ultimate boozy advent calendar for anyone who wants and needs variety in their lives. The Spirits Loot Advent Calendar includes 24 tipples from 12 different countries, like Africa, Mexico, Peru, Martinique, Jamaica, Venezuela, Japan, and Poland.

spirits alcohol advent calendar
Whisky Loot

7. Collectors Edition Whisky Loot Advent Calendar, $449

The Collectors Edition Whisky Loot Advent Calendar is one for the whisky-lovers who want to head straight for the top shelf. This one includes 12 carefully curated tasting bottles that span five continents and, of course, the specifics are a surprise until December.

collectors edition whisky advent calendar
Whisky Loot

8. Craftzero Non-Alcoholic Beer Advent Calendar, $100

If you’re not a drinker but still want to get amongst the festive fun, you may enjoy the Craftzero Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer Advent Calendar ($100). Filled with 25 different craft beers, this calendar will see you all the way through Christmas Day, with a crisp drink hidden behind each door.

alcohol-free beer advent calendar
Image: Craftzero

9. Craftzero RTD Advent Calendar, $100

Another alcohol-free option is the Craftzero Alcohol-Free RTD Advent Calendar ($100), which, instead of beers, boasts flavoured spritz, gin and tonics, and fruity mixers. Like the craft beer box, you’ll receive 25 drinks to enjoy all the way through Christmas, with a different flavour surprise every day.

alcohol free advent calendar
Image: Craftzero

10. Gintonica Gin Advent Calendar, $179

Gintonica’s Alcoholic Advent Calendar this year has 24 little 30ml bottles of Australian craft gins, so you can sip different flavoured gin and tonics in the lead up to Christmas.

Image: Gintonica

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