5 Alarm Clocks to Buy If the iPhone’s Wake-Up Haunts You in Your Sleep

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These days, not many people have alarm clocks. Ever since our phones got more sophisticated and become our portable personal assistants, many of us have gotten rid of our alarm clocks and use only our phones instead.

If that’s you, you’ll be interested to hear that, in the last few years, alarm clocks have evolved. These days, they don’t just tell you the time and wake you up. No, most can do far more than that, including USB-charge your phone, telling you your room’s temperature, and, in the case of some, even double as a mirror. Many even add to your bedroom’s aesthetic, too.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the best-looking among them. From a sleek alarm clock made from wood, to another shaped like a cloud, these are the five alarm clocks to choose from to buy if your iPhone’s wake-up alarm noise haunts you in your sleep.

SZELAM Digital Clock Large Display, $27.95

Not only does this alarm clock double as a mirror (you can turn the clock display off), but it also has two USB ports that you can use for charging. Put it on your bedside table or hang it up on a wall in your home.

Alarm clock

Wooden Alarm Clock With Temperature Display, $21.98

This bamboo and wood alarm clock is sleek, with no buttons on the front or side, only on the back. It has three sets of arms, works with voice activation, and displays the room’s temperature.

Wooden alarm clock
Image: Amazon

Square Reflective Alarm Clock, $39.90

This square-shaped alarm clock has a mirror finish, which gives it a minimalist feel. You can also adjust its number brightness to day and night, plus choose between a white and blue display.

Square reflective alarm clock
Image: The Decor House

Newgate New Convent Garden Alarm, $59.95

This alarm has a ‘linen white’ colour finish. Its design is inspired by the alarm clocks from pre-smartphone days, and it even has a real moving hammer-and-bell action for a wake-me-up.

Newgate Alarm Clock
Image: The Iconic

Rain Cloud Alarm Clock, $99.90

This cloud-shaped alarm will not only tell you the time and wake you up, but also show you the outside temperature. It also comes with a magnetic backing that you can attach to different surfaces, including your fridge.

Rain Cloud Alarm Clock
Image: The Decor House

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