6 Ways to Spend Summer in Melbourne That’ll Leave You Happy As a Clam

Sure, Sydney may have the harbour and world-renowned beaches, but that doesn’t mean Melbourne doesn’t play a strong game when it comes to enjoying summer in what’s debated as Australia’s culture capital.

We’re here to help you have a first-class summer with these six must-do activities to beat the heat. From cruising to the Yarra to heading to a cafe, Melbourne, we’ve got you covered this summer.

1. Picnic in the Royal Botanic Gardens

The 30-hectare botanical garden is the perfect spot to escape the hustle and bustle and find some relief in the shade of one of the hundreds of trees the garden is home to.

Looking for a picnic addition that’ll go down a treat with your fellow picnickers? Pre-make a L’OR Iced Coffee and pop it into a thermos to enjoy an ice-cold bev at the park. The perfect solution to wanting a coffee but keeping cool in the heat and with three simple yet indulgent recipes on offer, Iced Latte, Caramel Iced Coffee, and Affogato Chocolate Shake, you’ll be living the good life in no time.

2. Rent a Boat and Go Up and Down the Yarra

Looking for a way to feel a little European this summer? Why not rent a boat and set sail up and down the Yarra River? You can opt to captain your own boat or be chauffeured around by a qualified captain as you pump your summer soundtrack tunes, indulge in delectable treats and enjoy a drink or two with friends.

Companies like On A Boat, Melbourne Boat Hire, and Yarra River Cruises are three of many offering a variety of options for large and small groups. What better way to see the splendour Melbourne has to offer than from the water?

3. Go to the Beach

Melbourne doesn’t let Sydney take all the credit for their beaches when they have beaches like Brighton, St Kilda, and Williamstown on offer. Grab your best pals, pack your beach bag and head for a dip.

Wondering what essentials you need for a hassle-free beach day? Here are some of our suggestions:

  • A beach tent or umbrella to keep shaded throughout the day
  • An esky with cool drinks and freshly cut fruit to snack on
  • Don’t forget to slip-slop-slap with a shirt, sunscreen and a hat
  • A beach towel and not a good bathroom towel you grab on the way out the door
  • Sunglasses
  • A book
  • A water bottle

4. Hit Up the Queen Victoria Market

Does anyone really need an excuse to check out the markets? We think not. In case you hadn’t heard,  the Queen Victoria Market’s summer trading on Wednesday nights between 23 Nov — 15 Mar will see the markets open till 10pm.

So WhatsApp the gang and escape the heat and fill your evening with shopping, eating, drinking, live music and fun. With a rotating weekly line-up of live music and roving entertainment, you can visit time and time again for a new experience. Plus, there’s no entry fee, which means more money for food.

5. Visit the Cafes and Op-Shops in Brunswick

Known in Melbourne as the cafe and bar-hopping neighbourhood, Brunswick is the creative and cultural heaven all Melbournites love to escape to. This multicultural hub is the place to be seen for the alternative crowd and is renowned for its live music, beer gardens and lively pubs. Littered with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean eateries, there’s always something delicious on offer.

With loads of cafes and op-shops on offer, some of our favourite Brunswick destinations include brunch Project281, drinks at Howler Bar, and an evening of jazz music at the Jazzlab. Wondering how to get to Brunswick? Check out this handy guide to get you there.

6. Relax by the Pool

Sometimes the best way to escape the summer heat is to lounge by the pool with some mates, listening to music and watching the day pass by. A BBQ after floating on the water as you watch the sunset sounds like the Australian dream to us.

Summer is all about heading outdoors and enjoying what Melbourne has to offer and we hope these suggestions help you stay refreshed.

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