The One Interiors Update That Will Transform the Look of Your Home

What makes a house or apartment feel like a home? A place where you can make memories and feel completely relaxed?

While there are quite a few things that can help you achieve this in your space, updating your blinds can make all the difference. Blinds can completely overhaul the look and feel of a room. They come in various types and styles — from Plantation Shutters and Venetian Blinds to Panel Glide Blinds and custom — with each style creating a different look or feel to your home.

When thinking about which blinds to get for your home, consider what colour and style will match your existing home décor, what kind of fabric will best suit your lifestyle and what your main purpose is. For example, do you want to block out the light? Or do you want to create a soft ambience.

Ahead we’ll share some of the many purposes for blinds in your home, along with details on how they’ll transform your home and some suggestions for which specific blinds to shop, all available at Carpet Court. The homewares brand has one of the widest selections of curtains and blinds in Australia, and can even customise the blinds to your space and, even better, have them installed for you.

Privacy Control

Let’s start with one of the primary reasons people install blinds in the first place: privacy control. While this doesn’t actually have to do with the look of the home, it has a lot to do with how you feel inside. With the blinds shut, you can do whatever you want in your home without fear of being seen by nosy neighbours or passersby’s outside. You’ll feel  more relaxed in your space, which is exactly how you should feel at home.

While most blinds do allow for privacy, if that’s your main reason for investing, opt for Austere Block Out Blinds, which have an organic linen look and come in colours including almond, soba or denim. Prefer to embrace natural light while still getting some privacy? Check out the Light Filtering Blinds range. Within it, the Transitional Light Filter will not only keep everything happening inside private, but it’ll also reduce glare and UV from entering the room. Because of that, it’s ideal to use in an office area.

Enhances Any Aesthetic

No matter your home décor aesthetic, blinds will enhance it. Dated and old windows will become lighter, brighter and more stylish with a fresh set of blinds. Blinds can work to soften a room and make it look bigger. Roller blinds can make a home feel more modern, dark curtains can make feel look cosier and curtains can give it an airy feel.

Whatever way you want a room to look and feel, blinds can play an important role in achieving that. The Panel Blinds range could be a good fit if you have larger windows and doors. They feature neat, elegant lines and a space-saving design. The minimal lines and soft textures of the Roman Blinds range will beautifully frame windows and add texture and warmth to a room.

Effective Light Control

Next up is another important reason blinds are installed: They can stop direct sunlight from entering through your windows. This means your furniture will be less likely to fade. You won’t have to deal with glare on your laptop screen. You won’t be woken up by the light peeking in at sunrise and will be able to easily take a nap in a darkened room in the middle of the day.

If light control is a biggie for you when it comes to blinds, whether that be sunlight or light from street lamps, Modern Blinds, which come in off-white colours including ice, pure and cloud. With their dense fabric, the Contemporary Block Out Blinds are a duration option that ensure no light passes through. They’re perfect for bedrooms, nurseries and private spaces.

Better Temperature Control

Finally, like with the privacy benefit, better temperature control isn’t an aesthetic advantage for your home, but it can really how comfortable you feel inside. In the winter, blinds can help keep the heat inside, while in the summer, they can help keep it out, both of which lead to you saving on your energy bill.

For this, Double Blinds are a great option for temperature control, while adding style to a room, too.

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