Three Key Bedroom Trends to Inspire Your Next Room Makeover

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Styling your bedroom doesn’t have to cost thousands. Sure, a great bed frame and some good furniture are key, but if you’ve got most of that and are still left uninspired, you might just need to give your space a refresh with more design-based purchases.

For example, new bed linen can make a world of difference, especially if you invest in colourways and materials that suit your style. The right rug and mirror can brighten up a bedroom and take a minimalist space straight to bohemian. 

To help you with your nesting inspiration, we’ve rounded up three key bedroom styling trends, plus some big-ticket items and more affordable hacks that can help you apply your fave trend to your own room. 

Colour Drenching

Image: Kip & Co.

Colour, colour and more colour is on the styling menu for bedrooms this year. This doesn’t necessarily mean painting every surface in primary shades, but is more about being unafraid of colour — think multi-hued bedlinen, contrasting colours between a headboard and rug, and vibrant art. 

Linen Quilt Cover

Kip & Co Quilt Cover. Image: The Iconic.

This Kip & Co quilt cover (from $329 for Queen) will brighten up your space and looks great with natural toned bed frames. Pair back with some colourful, textured throw pillows and you’re well on your way to colour-drenching your room.

Rust & Terracotta Bedding Bundle

Bed Threads Bedding Bundle. Image: Bed Threads.

If you love the colour-drenching trend but are more about earth tones, a bedding bundle from Bed Threads will set you up. We love the Rust and Terracotta set (from $430 for Single), a great colour combination that plays into colour drenching without being too bright.

Merri Candle Holder

Adairs Merri Candle Holder. Image: Adairs.

Bright and structural, this candle holder from Adairs ($18.89) looks great on bedside tables or dressers to add a pop of colour at an affordable price.

Bellford Table Lamp

Salt & Pepper Belford Lamp. Image: Myer.

With its blue glass stand and brass details, this table lamp by Salt & Pepper ($44.97) is subtle, but looks fantastic against jewel-toned bed linen and won’t go out of style once you move on from colour drenching.

Back to Nature

Image: Freedom.

Also called the Biophilic trend, this is all about bringing the outdoors indoors. It doesn’t have to be hyper-literal, although popping a few indoor plants in your room is an easy way to kick this trend off. Instead, look for natural materials like rattan, cork, wood and textured bedding like linen and stonewashed cotton to give the feel of the great outdoors. 

Mornington Bed

Freedom Mornington Bed. Image: Freedom.

This solid Tasmanian Oak frame from Freedom ($1,359) will last you forever. Easy to assemble and featuring a sturdy front and back singular leg structure, the natural grain of the wood will wear well and suits many interior styles.

Linen Quilt Set

Aere Linen Set. Image: The Iconic.

Aere Home has some lovely linen quilt sets, and we’re loving the Olive set (from 180 for single) to play into the Biophilic trend. The tone evokes eucalyptus trees and fresh grass, plus it looks amazing against natural wood and rattan furniture.

Raffia Natural Floor Light

Adairs Raffia Floor Lamp. Image: Adairs.

If you need to add lighting to your space, go for raffia and wood styles like this floor lamp from Adairs ($230.99). The timber base is sturdy and durable, and the raffia shade gives dim, bedroom-friendly lighting in the evenings.

Archie Rug

Adairs Archie Rug. Image: Adairs.

Playing with different textures is key to mastering the nature trend in the bedroom, so this rug from Adairs ($244.99 for Medium) will work hard for you. A blend of cotton and polyester, the tufted arch design looks great peeking out from under a bed frame.

Norwood Throw

Australian House & Garden Norwood Throw. Image: Myer.

A woven throw at the end of your bed will really bring texture into the room and give a beachy, natural feel. This throw by Australian House & Garden ($149.95) is made of fine cotton, and the stretchy weave looks great when carelessly strewn across the corner of your bed.


Image: Adairs.

Cluttercore is a big trend in bedrooms, but really the way we interpret this is bohemian inspiration — a focus on art, sculptural items and the influence of travel. Moroccan rugs add texture and interest to your space, while throw pillows will update bedlinen easily. 

Bungalow Bed

Freedom Bungalow Bed. Image: Freedom.

Freedom’s Bungalow Bed ($839) will instantly make your bedroom feel bohemian thanks to the dramatic rattan headboard and footboard. Design-centric and featuring soft, rounded arches, this is a statement bedroom piece.

Circle Olive Ring Vase

Adairs Olive Circle Vase. Image: Adairs.

A sculptural piece that can feature alone on your dresser or windowsill, or be used as a vase for singular flowers and greenery, this vase from Adairs ($12.59) adds interest without taking a toll on your bank account.

Maus House Land Cushion

Adairs Maus House Land Cushion. Image: Adairs.

Get creative with your bed throw pillows and pick up some interesting, art-centric pieces like this Adairs cushion ($62.99), which brings vintage 70s vibes into your space and becomes a focal point.

Retro Irregular Mirror

Adairs Retro Irregular Mirror. Image: Adairs.

Adding interest is key to mastering the Boho trend, and this retro mirror from Adairs ($125.99) is a great way to do it. The natural frame will suit other earth tones in your space, and the unique shape gives it a sculptural feel.

Sadie Coral Turkish Style Rug

Miss Amara Sadie Rug. Image: Miss Amara.

Neutral tones for rugs will help keep your room from veering from bohemian to overwhelmingly cluttered. This Turkish-style rug from Miss Amara (from $195) looks worn without feeling it, so your room will look effortlessly lived in.

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