Disney+ Has a Beauty and the Beast Prequel in Development

Beauty and the Beast

It’s true LeFou! Luke Evans and Josh Gad are set to reprise their roles as Gaston and LeFou in a new Beauty and the Beast series.

According to Variety, the untitled project is in early development and would be a musical prequel to the 2017 offering also starring Emma Watson as Belle.

Serving as showrunners, Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz will also co-write and produce, and Gad would also join the writing team.

Both Kitsis and Horowitz, are best known for their work on ABC’s fairy-tale drama Once Upon a Time and Apple TV+’s Amazing Stories, so are no stranger to the fairytale-verse.

The 2017 live-action film expanded on Gaston and LeFou’s stories — seeing the two fight together in the French army and also added innuendo that LeFou was gay.

In an interview with Andy Cohen in November last year, Gad revealed that having the character dance with a man during the film was his idea.

“Here’s what we decided — we decided that LeFou’s happy ending would be to dance with another man,” he said.

“It was my pitch, that’s how I really wanted the movie to end,” he told the host. “I was so amazed they let us do it.”

“That became such a controversial thing, apparently, even though it was only three seconds of screen time. We never put a spotlight on it. We never meant to put a spotlight on it. It became a conflated, weird controversy.”

“In light of that fact that so many people were like, ‘Blah, blah, blah,’ there were so many people who stood up and applauded that moment and were so excited about it.”

“I think there is still lots more work to be done in equal representation, and I really hope that Disney keeps finding more ways to do that,” he added.

It is unclear whether this new series will address LeFou’s sexuality.

The Beauty and the Beast remake remains one of Disney’s most successful live-action films to date, so it is any wonder they will be creating a series for it.

It was the second-highest-grossing movie of 2017, taking in a billion dollars at the global box office, only to be pipped at the post for number one by Star Wars: The Last Jedi.