7 Bathroom Trays That’ll Make Everything You Display on Them Look Expensive

Bathroom tray

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A bathroom tray can not only help you to organise your toothbrush and toothpaste, but it can also be an aesthetically pleasing addition to any space, making it look more styled. Fortunately, there are endless options to choose from, including scalloped and raw slabs of marble, to wood trays with handles.

Ahead, we round up some of our favourites. From a woven storage basket that’ll add an earthy tone to any bathroom, to a small marble tray with undulating edges with a purpose that’s almost entirely to display, these are what we consider to be the best bathroom trays.

Adairs Kendrick Natural Storage Basket, $34.99

This woven basket with a timber handle can be used to hold spare shampoo and conditioner or toilet paper rolls in your bathroom. You could also use it to hold sunscreen or other toiletries that don’t necessarily need to live in the bathroom and place it in a hallway cupboard instead.

Woven basket

Hipiwe Vanity Makeup Marble Tray, $83.23

Use this sturdy marble tray for candles, jewellery or a bottle of wine and two glasses. Place it on a nightstand, in the bathroom, or on a kitchen countertop.

Marble tray

Country Road Loft Marble Tray, $55.95

Country Road products were made to last, and this tray carved from solid marble is no exception.

Country Road marble tray

Small Rectangle Vanity Tray, $52.18

Made from resin, this vanity tray is sturdy enough to last for years but also has an appealing wood-like finish. It’s also easy to clean by wiping it down.

Vanity tray

Adairs Blanco Natural Timber Tray, $69.99

Though this timber tray was meant to carry food, you can also use it in your bathroom on your sink to display toiletries or on a shelf to hold toilet paper or bathroom cleaning supplies.

Wooden tray

Adairs Mayfair Black Tray, $34.99

Use this black marble tray to hold soap and lotion, your toothbrush and toothpaste, or your jewellery.

Black marble tray

Bed Threads Wavy Travertine Tray, $80

This small tray with undulating edges can be used to place coffee cups or water glasses, candles or vase.

Wavy tray

Marble Ceramic Jewellery Tray, $13.99

This small tray can double as a dessert dish. Or use it to display a set of handsoaps and lotion.

Marble Tray

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