“Ready for Fun?!” Hear the First Snippet of Margot Robbie’s Barbie Voice

barbie movie filming on set margot robbie ryan gosling

Ever since cameras began rolling on Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie, social media has been absolutely flooded with on-set pics of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in their Barbie and Ken costumes.

One recent clip shared to Twitter, however, features the very first snippet of Robbie in character as Barbie, voice and all.

In the clip — which has garnered 4.6 million views so far — Robbie is rollerblading in an all-pink ensemble, talking to America Ferrera.

“Ready for fun?!” she can be heard exclaiming, as she grabs Ferrera’s hand.

All we can say is that yes, we are very much ready for fun.

The road to Barbie has been a long one. Talks of the film began way back in 2014 at Sony Pictures, and over the years, has changed directions many times, swapping out stars, writers and even changing hands from Sony Pictures to Warner Bros.

Here’s a brief timeline of how we got here:

  • 2014: Sony announces Barbie, hot off the heels of films like Transformers and The Lego Movie. The film is pitched as a comedy, and Jenny Bicks (Sex and the City, The Greatest Showman) is attached to write.
  • Early 2015: Diablo Cody (Juno) boards to project to re-write Bicks’ script
  • Late 2015: Sony scraps the original script and orders three new ones, by Lindsey Beer, Bert Royal; and Hilary Winston, but Cody remains attached to the project. Sony is aiming for a June 2017 release.
  • Late 2016: Amy Schumer signs on to play Barbie as Sony settles on Winston’s version of the script. The film is now about a woman who gets kicked out of Barbieville for being less than perfect, and is forced to live in the real world. Think Enchanted, but with Barbie.
  • Early 2017: Schumer drops out of the project less than four months after signing on, citing scheduling conflicts.
  • Mid 2017: Anne Hathaway is rumoured to take over the titular role, and Alethea Jones signs on to direct. Sony is now aiming for an August 2018 release date.
  • Early 2018: Sony pushes the film to a 2020 release date. In April, Cody officially departs the project, and says that actually, she never even produced an initial draft of the project. Speaking to Screen Crush, Cody says that she “was literally incapable of writing a Barbie script”, adding “God knows I tried”.
  • Early 2019: Surprise! Suddenly, Sony Pictures has left the project, and Warner Bros. has signed on. Hathaway is gone, and Margot Robbie is announced as the lead. The script — whichever version we’re up to now — is now in the hands of Olivia Milch, who co-wrote Ocean’s 8. Robbie also signs on to co-produce.
  • 2021: Greta Gerwig signs on to direct, and signs her partner Noah Baumbach up to co-write the script with her. Which script? Who can say?
  • Early 2022: Barbie officially begins filming.

This brings us to the current iteration of the Barbie film, so let’s talk about it.

While plot details for the film are pretty scant at the moment, Shang-Chi actor Simu Liu, who will co-star in Barbie, recently revealed that he was prompted to audition for the film after a junior agent at his management company told him that the script was one of the best he’s ever read.

“He literally said this verbatim,” Liu told GQ UK. “He was like, ‘If I could stake my career on any one script, it’s the Barbie script. I really think you should do it.’”

Liu went on to describe the film as “wild” and “incredibly unique”, adding: “I wish I could just show you what we do day-to-day because it’s crazy”,

Here’s everything you need to know about Barbie.

What Will Barbie Be About?

According to the film’s official logline on imdb, Barbie will follow a doll living in ‘Barbieland’, who’s expelled for not being perfect enough. She then sets off on an adventure in the real world.

With the exception of changing ‘Barbie-ville’ to ‘Barbieland’, this is the same plot as it was originally conceived when Schumer was attached to the project.

Coming out of the Cannes Film Festival, however, were tons of plot rumours that there will be multiple Barbies and Kens in the film.

New York Times writer Kyle Buchanan tweeted on May 19: “I am hearing incredible BARBIE goss at Cannes”.

He continued: “For one, I’m hearing that Ryan Gosling is not the only Ken in the BARBIE film. Simu Liu and Ncuti Gatwa also play Kens.

“And, by the same token, Margot Robbie is not the film’s only Barbie. Issa Rae and Hari Nef play different Barbies…”

Who Will Be Starring in Barbie?

Leading the cast as Barbie is Margot Robbie, of course, with Ryan Gosling set to play her Ken.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to put some positivity out in the world,” Robbie told Variety in 2019. “A chance to be aspirational for younger kids.”

Will Ferrell is confirmed for the film, and rumoured to be playing the CEO of Mattel.

If the rumour of multiple Barbies and Kens is correct, then confirmed cast members Hari Nef and Issa Rae are also playing versions of the titular character, and Simu Liu and Ncuti Gatwa also play Kens.

In unknown roles, other actors filling out this star-studded cast include Kate McKinnon, Emma Mackey, America Ferrera, Michael Cera, Alexandra Shipp, Emerald Fennell, Rhea Perlman, and more.

Meanwhile, in the ‘rumoured but as-yet-unconfirmed‘ casting category, we also have Saoirse Ronan and Dua Lipa.

Who’s Directing Barbie?

Taking the lead on Barbie is Greta Gerwig. It will be Gerwig’s first feature since 2019’s Little Women, which received six Academy Award nominations.

Gerwig will also be co-writing the script with her partner Noah Baumbach. The couple have previously collaborated on Greenberg (2010) and Frances Ha (2012).

When Will Barbie Be Released?

Barbie will be released on July 21, 2023 in the United States. No word on an Australian release date just yet, but we’ll update this post as soon as we know more.

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