The 10 Very Best Hotels in Bali, as Voted By a Local

Potato Head Studios

In Bali, you’ll find accommodation to suit every type of traveller, from modest, budget-friendly homestays and hostels, to villas and resorts that, though splashy, still aren’t as pricey as they would be in Australia.

“Each of Bali’s main regions offers a distinct experience, almost as if you’re embarking on several different vacations in one,” says Lauren Camilleri, co-creator of Bali plant-based restaurant Kynd and longtime local on the Indonesian island. Camilleri appears in ten-part series Paradise Kitchen Bali With Lauren Camilleri, which you can catch on SBS On Demand.

Ahead, Camilleri gives an overview of the top areas on the island to stay in, sharing what to expect accommodation-wise from each. She also names her top picks for hotels and stays in Bali.

Where to Stay in Bali


“Kuta is known for its bustling streets and long sandy beach,” says Camilleri. “Expect a wide range of accommodations, from budget hostels to mid-range hotels.”


“Located just north of Kuta, Seminyak is more upscale and fashionable. It offers chic boutiques, high-end restaurants and a sophisticated nightlife scene. Accommodations here tend to be luxurious resorts and stylish villas.”


“Legian sits between Kuta and Seminyak and offers a balance between the two. It’s less crowded than Kuta but still has a lively atmosphere. You’ll find a mix of accommodation options here. It’s a great choice for families. Head down to the beach, rent a chair for the day, get your hair braided or your feet massages and drink coconuts until the sun goes down.”


“Uluwatu is a surfer’s paradise, with stunning cliffside views, beautiful beaches and some of the best waves in Bali. It’s also known for its beautiful temples and laid-back beach bars. This area is quickly becoming most Bali travellers’ favourite spot. Expect a mix of upscale and mid-range options.”

Uluwatu Bali
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“Canggu is a trendy area with a hipster vibe. It’s known for its surf culture, organic cafes, and vibrant street art. Lots of yummy restaurants, vibrant nightlife, and great shopping. Accommodations range from hostels to stylish boutique hotels.”


“Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali, located in lush jungle and terraced rice fields. It’s famous for its art scene, yoga studios, and tranquil ambience. Expect boutique hotels, wellness retreats and a focus on nature and spirituality.”

Nusa Dua

“This area is known for its upscale resorts, golf courses and pristine beaches. It’s a great choice for travellers seeking a luxurious and relaxing beach vacation. My favourite beach is Mengiat — you feel like you popped to the Caribbean for the day.”


“Jimbaran Bay is famous for its seafood restaurants right on the beach. It offers a quieter and more laid-back atmosphere, with a mix of upscale resorts and mid-range accommodations.”


“Sanur has a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. It features a long beachfront promenade and a quieter nightlife scene compared to other areas. Accommodations include mid-range hotels and resorts.”

Sanur Bali
Image: Getty Images

Amed and Candidasa

“These coastal towns are ideal for those seeking a peaceful escape. They offer excellent snorkelling and diving opportunities. Accommodations here are often budget-friendly.”

Top Bali Stays

Mu Bungalows, Uluwatu

“Mu Bungalows in Bingin Beach is set on the clifftop overlooking the famous surf breaks at Uluwatu. It has an authentic Balinese feel and even has a room built into the rock face. Be sure to keep your valuables close by as you can almost guarantee a visit from the area’s monkeys who have a liking for sunglasses and mobile phones.”

Potato Head Suites and Studios, Seminyak

“Potato Head Suites and Studios in Seminyak is adjacent to Potato Head Beach Club. Its commitment to sustainability is evident in every detail, all designed with the island in mind. Work in the hotel’s library or workout in the best hotel gym I’ve ever encountered. The hotel also has a beachfront pool with ice baths and a rooftop bar perfect for enjoying sunset.”

Batukaru Kopi Retreat, Jatiluwih

“Batukaru Coffee Estate is an organic coffee estate and retreat centre, far removed from tourist areas. It’s a great place to unwind and reconnect with nature. It’s perched on a moutin and has amazing views of Bali, and also rice field walks a stone’s throw away and its own natural waterhole. Oh, and don’t forget to try the Nasi Campur here – it’s some of the best local food on the island, in my opinion.”

Batukaru Kopi Retreat
Image: Batukaru Kopi Retreat

Pondok Pisang, Candidasa

“Pondok Pisang is a little-known accommodation on the East Coast of Bali, near Candidasa. Each of its rustic bungalows has ocean views, and the hotel has a private beach. Be sure to also check out Pasir Putih Beach, not too far away.”

Wape di Ume, Ubud

“Wape di Ume in Ubud is located beside one of my favourite rivers to swim in Bali. The boutique resort has a range of authentic Balinese experience activities you can do there. Don’t miss the cooking class.”

Chapung Sebali, Ubud

“Chapung Sebali is located in Ubud’s jungles and rice paddies, but only a short drive away from its centre. It’s luxury accommodation with amazing food, making it one of my top picks for a Bali stay. Make sure you book in one of its massages, I think it’s one of the best massages I have had and I have had many massages.”

Chapung Sebali
Image: Chapung Sebali

Bamboo Indah, Ubud

“Experience secluded Javanese-style homes and bamboo structures within nature at Bamboo Indah in Ubu. Dive into spring-fed natural pools that are open to all with a minimum 500k food and drink spend. Reconnect with yourself and the natural world here.”

Ulu Surf Villas, Uluwatu

“Ulu Surf Villas on Bali’s Uluwatu Peninsula is a luxury tropical retreat for surf enthusiasts. Its villas blend modern comfort with Balinese charm and feature private pools and open-air bathrooms. Here, you’ll find world-class surf breaks just steps away down the private staircase, an oceanfront restaurant, spa treatments and cultural excursions, Ulu Surf Villas. It offers a great balance of adventure and relaxation.”

The W, Seminyak

“The W Hotel Bali has my favourite breakfast buffet on the island. Mornings in general are truly special here. The hotel is located in a prime position on Seminyak Beach, surrounded by some of Bali’s most famous shops and restaurants.”

Duma Cabin, Munduk

“If you love nature and are visiting Bali, then head to Munduk. Duma Cabins is a three-bedroom retreat by Indonesian design company Somewhere Concepts. The cabin offers both luxury and serenity, which make for an unforgettable nature escape.”

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