Everything We Know About Bad Boys For Life Ahead of Its Premiere

Bad Boys For Life is set to hit cinemas on January 17, and in the words of Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), “s**t just got real”.

It’s been over a decade since we saw our dynamic duo fighting crimes – but Burnett and his partner, Mike Lowrey (played by Will Smith) are back.

For avid fans, the film marks the final in a trilogy series, which sees the two Miami narcotics detectives solve crimes and fight bad guys — but with a catch. They’re polar opposites.

So, what information do we have about the third installment of the film?

Here’s everything we know ahead of the premiere.

The Plot

As Jerry Bruckheimer said, “if you like watching two wonderful, funny actors go at it for a couple of hours, this is the movie for you.”

25 years after Bad Boys, 17 years after Bad Boys II, Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett
are back for one last ride.

Marcus is trying to step back and spend more time with his family by announcing his retirement, but when a dangerous threat emerges that endangers Mike’s life — it pulls Marcus back in… after all, Mike is family too, and he’s not going to let Mike go on that mission alone.

The cops team up, with the newly created elite team AMMO of the Miami police department, to take down the vicious leader of a Miami drug cartel, Armando Armas (Jacob Scipio).

“Cap, AMMO is a high school musical boy band with guns,” Lowrey says but even better yet, he’s in charge of training them.

There are car chases, explosions, shoot outs and of course, some seriously good one-liners.

The Director has Changed, But The Producer Remains The Same

Back at the helm is producing powerhouse Jerry Bruckheimer, however, Michael Bay, who directed the first two installments, has taken a step back, making way for Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah (the masterminds behind FX’s Snowfall).

And, if you were at all concerned that there would be no Bay, Lawrence has said that having new directors hasn’t affected the brand at all.

“Well, it’s not so strange, because Bilall [Fallah] and Adil [El Arbi] are doing a great job,” Lawrence said.

“It’s just different directors, but we’re still going to bring you that Bad Boys stuff.”

Falla and El Arbi (who are Morroccan-born Belgian directors) are known
for their gritty, electrifying, and distinctive style of film making, which is perfect for the franchise.

Popular Characters are Returning

Conrad Howard was the police captain of the Miami Police Department that Lowrey and Bennett reported to, and just like his co-hort, Captain Howard, played by Joe Pantoliano, is back.

Also returning is Theresa Randle, who plays Bennett’s wife Theresa.

There are Some New Faces

With the addition of AMMO, a modern, highly specialised police unit brings some new faces — and they’re ones you’re going to recognise.

Joining the new task force is High School Musical alum, Vanessa Hudgens, Riverdale’s Charles Melton and Vikings star Alexander Ludwig .

Oh, and did we mention DJ Khaled is playing Manny the Butcher?

Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Have Still Got It

Just from the trailer alone, you can see that Smith and Lawrence’ chemistry is still absolute fire – and it’s clear, some things you just can’t fake.

So, how did they get back into character after almost two decades?

They binge watched the first two. Turns out they’re just like us! But the best part? They watched it together. Talk about a bromance.

Bad Boys for Life hits Australian theatres on January 16, 2020.

Bad Boys For Life
Sony Pictures

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