The Majority of Australians Rate Themselves a Six In the Bedroom


On World Sexual Health Day in 2020, online dating platform eharmony looked into the sex stats of Australians to find out more about intimacy in relationships.

According to their findings, one third (28%) of Australians are getting laid at least once a week, with 14% enjoying a ‘dance under the doona’ up to four times a week. Only 2% appear to be having sex on the daily.

Despite these figures, 40% of those surveyed say sex is not an accurate measure of a happy relationship, which suggests there are other key indicators to define compatibility, including emotional and psychological factors. But not everyone is on the same page with this: 13% feel sex does indeed determine a happy relationship.

When participants were asked how much sex they would like to be having, a third said between two and four times per week. One in 10 Australians really wanted to be getting down and dirty every day.

But although we may be a frisky bunch, it would seem that Australians are only willing to score themselves a modest six out of 10 when it comes to their own sexual capabilities.

If that’s 60% on a test, then it’s merely a pass or a C; not a C+, not a C-, just a C. A 60% grade is considered a ‘sound achievement’, and hey, we suppose there’s nothing wrong with that.

Looking at the biggest barriers couples face in reaching their sexual needs, over half (56%) said that kids challenged their sex lives the most. And somewhat unsurprisingly, the COVID-19 pandemic has also had an impact. According to the survey, one-third of men and a quarter of women agreed that the pandemic has put a dampener on their sex lives.

Of the findings, Sharon Draper, relationship expert at eharmony, says: “Sex is often just one part of a healthy, happy relationship, but it isn’t everything.

“Relationships only work well long term if a couple shares the same values and have good communication and conflict resolution skills. Our platform is all about matching singles based on their core values and personality traits, because we know this is the secret to long-term happiness.”

Draper says that while the spark in sexual chemistry can fade for longer-term couples, it is important to maintain communication around one another’s sexual needs and set aside time for intimacy.

“Sometimes if you have been in a relationship for a while, the novelty of lots of sex can obviously wear off. Childcare is also, not surprisingly, a big challenge to couples’ sex lives. Being a parent can be quite overwhelming at times, and couples with young children may be too tired to prioritise making love.

“However, it’s important to make time for each other, even if it’s just having a special date night once a fortnight.”

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