The Obscure Aussie Road Rules You Need to Know About

Road Rules: Every Australian road has them. Because if we didn’t, most of our school zones would be like the deleted scenes from Tokyo Drift. Obviously, road rules keep us safe and protect our precious fauna from turning into minced meat. 

However, most Aussie states have some obscure road rules that you might not know about. So, to save you from the pain of receiving a wild fine this summer, here are some bits of legislation that you might not know about. 

An Obscure NSW Road Rule

In NSW, it’s technically illegal to put any part of your body outside a car while it’s driving. That’s right, you can’t put your arm out the window and wave goodbye. Nor can you swim your hand through the wind like you’re in an indie film clip. 

Nevetheless, I guess this is better than someone losing a finger or five.  

An Obscure Queensland Road Rule

Street Games

In Queensland, it’s against the law to play a game on a street. This means no basketball, football, or any old simple games of catch. Fortunately though, it also means no dead soldiers or chickens. 

Sleeping in One’s Car

For some extremely unchill reason, a lot of places in Queensland consider sleeping in one’s car a crime. This is because some councils classify sleeping in a car to be a form of camping. The legislators of such laws must have a rather loose definition of what ‘camping’ is and will hopefully get tents for their birthdays. 

For sleeping in a car in an undesignated rest zone, the Gold Coast could dish you a $150 fine. In Cairns, the penalty would be $275. Meanwhile, in Brisbane, you could cop a $550 fine. 

These laws are put in place to persuade RVs and vans not to park on the side of the road overnight. However, such rules also deter a driver from getting some much-needed rest.

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An Obscure Victorian Road Rule

In Victoria, you shouldn’t leave your car unlocked or with the windows down if you’re over three metres away from it. Because if you do, your wallet could be smacked with a $117 fine.

It’s worth noting that doing this is also illegal in both NSW and Western Australia. In NSW, the price for doing this is $114 a pop.  

An Obscure Tasmanian Road Rule

In Tasmania, it’s illegal to use your phone for any reason while driving. Yes, even if it’s to use Google Maps. Yes, even if your phone is connected to a mount. When it comes to this issue, Tasmanians aren’t messing around. 

An Obscure Road Rule For Most of Australia

Hey, are you tempted to down five tequila shots before hopping on your bike and going for a cycle? Well, if you are, perhaps you should think of some different goals for this year. In most states and territories, it’s against the law to ride a bike while drunk or off your knockers on drugs.

The only joint where it’s legal to ride a bike while drunk is the Northern Territory. However, just because something is legal doesn’t mean that it’s a sick idea.

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