All You Need to Know About Voting in Tomorrow’s Election (And Getting a Sanga Afterwards)

If you’ve been in hibernation or a fuelled bender for the last two months, then you probably don’t know that there’s an election tomorrow. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

But you might be wondering where you can vote, why you should vote, and who you should vote for. As well as who will win and when we’ll know the results. Well, if that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place. Because we’re about to go through all the facts that you need to know about tomorrow’s election.

When and Where Can I Vote?

Polling places typically open at 8:00am and close at 6:00pm. And if you want to find a polling place that’s super close to your abode, then the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has a brilliant resource for you. Just follow the link, click that you’re voting tomorrow, smash your postcode into their website, and then enjoy having a little investigation.

Can I Vote Outside of My Electorate?

According to Hunter Valley News, “You can vote at any polling place in your state or territory on election day.” However, if you’re not in the state or territory where you live tomorrow, then you’ll need to go to an interstate voting centre.  You can find a handy list of which centres are closest to you on the AEC’s website.

Why Should I Vote?

The AEC’s fine for not voting is $20.00. And you don’t want to pay that. You could be getting like one whole beer in a trendy Melbourne pub! Moreover, being a part of the democratic process is pretty rad. If we don’t participate in it, then the powers at be might start taking this right away from us.

Is Voting Compulsory?

If you’re an Australian citizen who’s 18-years-old or over, then yes! The AEC states that you not only have to vote in this year’s federal election, you’ll also have to vote in any upcoming by-elections or referendums that might pop up.

How Do I Vote If I Have COVID-19?

Ah, the dreaded spicy cough. If you currently have COVID-19, the AEC has announced that you are still able to vote. You can do this by using their secure telephone voting system. To access this, you’ll have to register online before 4:00pm this Saturday, prove that you have COVID-19, and then cast your vote by calling 1800 413 960. The AEC has recommended that you give this number a call ASAP, as they’re expecting a lot of folks will be ringing it.

Who Should I Vote For?

Well, that entirely depends on what your politics are. But if you don’t know what your politics are, then The Latch has you sorted. Here are some top-notch guides on what the Liberals stand for, what Labor stands for, and what The Greens stand for. You can also do ABC’s Vote Compass  questionnaire, which will tell you how closely your values line up with those of the major parties.

Where can I get a sausage sizzle on election day?

Ah, we finally get to the most important question of all. I jest, of course, but if you’re hungry for a sanga on election day, then check out the Democracy Sausage map. According to their website’s Google description, it’s a “real-time crowd-sourced map of sausage and cake availability at Australian elections.”

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