The Headlines: Australia’s Tallest Tower to Be Built in Melbs

Melbourne Scores Australia’s Tallest Tower

Folks, Melbourne is set to score some chungus-sized towers. What’s more, one of these towers will be the tallest building in Australia.

But what are the names of these colossal buildings? Well, there’s an “East Tower” and a “West Tower.” The East Tower will be over 322.5m high and Australia’s tallest building. Meanwhile, the West Tower, while not as tall, will be an impressive 67 storeys.

These buildings will be known collectively as Melbourne’s twin towers. They will be built in Southbank and cost $8 billion to make.

A Government spokesperson has stated that these twin towers will “create a new destination for Melburnians and tourists, injecting millions into the economy and creating thousands of jobs during and after construction.”

“This development will bring new life to a much-loved part of Melbourne, providing a thriving new hub for retail, hospitality, and financial services.”

Twitter Will Now Label Some Tweets as Hateful

Hey, do you enjoy being a toxic piece of garbage that’s an unlovable person online? Do you enjoy destroying your soul and the people around you? Then, you my friend, should go to therapy. 

Additionally, if you insist on being the worst, Twitter might become your new home. This is because Twitter has decided not to ban some hateful content and instead restrict it from trending.

According to Twitter, the following message will appear on some hateful tweets:

The a screenshot of the following text:Visibility limited — This tweet may violate Twitter's rules against hateful conduct.
Image: Twitter

Twitter has stated that they’re doing this to move away from a binary “leave up versus take down” system. However, when it comes to hateful language, the binary’s there for a reason.

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Mischa Barton Is Going to Neighbours

If you’re a Mischa Barton simp and a Neighbours stan, then I have some good news. ‘Cause Barton will be guest starring in Amazon’s Neighbours revival. 

“I’m excited to be part of this iconic show’s next chapter,” said Barton, “and I am really looking forward to being back in Australia, a place I know and love!”

In this program, Barton will play an American called Reece. This character will be new to Erinsborough and have a classic suspicious past.

“I think the character of Reece is going to be a great role for me to explore and play with,” said Barton.

Now, if you don’t know who Barton is, don’t panic. Barton has starred in The O.C., The Toybox, and The Beautiful Life.

On April 17, Neighbours started production in Melbourne. It will also drop later this year.

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