You Can Have a Boozy Bubble Tea Kit Delivered to Your Door


Back in March, when the government announced the forced closure of all non-essential businesses and services in a drastic but necessary move to curb the spread of coronavirus, restaurants and bars were forced to adapt and find new ways to feed hungry customers.

Some closed their doors in hibernation, others are operating on a takeaway-only basis, but there are a bunch of beloved eateries thinking outside the box, finding new and innovative ways to deliver menu items to patrons at home.

Here, we round up some of Australia’s restaurants doing just that.

Boozy Bubble Tea Delivered to Your Door

For the bubble tea obsessive who could use a stiff drink, Sydney’s Burwood Hotel has curated a selection of DIY Boba ‘Survival Cocktail Kits’ that are available for both pick-up and delivery to metro areas.

There are six kits to choose from, all of which come with ingredients, equipment and instruction cards: Espresso milk tea; aloe vera margarita; raspberry long island tea; long island tea; yogurt soju; and tropical tea. Each DIY pack serves up four drinks, with prices from $55-$65. Shop the range online now.


Gin Lane Has a Cocktail Drive-Thru for Your G&T Cravings

Gin Lane in Sydney had already pivoted to takeaway cocktails as a way to maintain business and keep thirsts quenched amid the COVID pandemic, but the beloved bar has recently began operating on a drive-thru basis too.

When the gin cravings hit, you’ll now be able to order a range of pre-made original and classic cocktails, plus a selection of and gin and tonics, and then swiftly swing by to pick it up, all without leaving your car.

Even better, the bar is able to prepare complementary bar snacks like chips, charcuterie and cheeses that pair perfectly with your evening tipples.

The drive-thru is now open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2.30pm – 8.30pm, and Fridays and Saturdays from 1.30pm – 9.00pm. Call or text 0415 122 113 to place your order, then drop by when the team tell you to.


Buffalo Dining Club Will Deliver 1.5kg Wheels of Pecorino

Darlinghurst restaurant Buffalo Dining Club is known for its mouthwatering homemade pasta dishes, one of which, the cacio e pepe, is spun around a huge wheel of pecorino cheese right in front of your eyes.

While the restaurant has already been delivering the dish for $22 in addition to a range of other menu items, they’ve also now begun selling the wheels of cheese for people to do it themselves at home. For $75, you’ll take home the ingredients necessary to complete the dish (fresh pasta and cracked pepper), but also an eight-month-old, 1.5kg wheel of pecorino from Sardinia.

Because it’s simply too much cheese for one dish, the good folk at Buffalo Dining Club will also email you recipes and tips for storage to both keep your cheese safe and help you use it up in iso.


Chaco Bar Is Now Doing At-Home Frozen Ramen Kits

Chaco Bar announced on Instagram that it will be selling self-cook frozen ramen packs that allow customers to defrost and assemble their own steaming bowls of ramen at home using the restaurant’s rich broth, tender char siu, chewy noodles, and delectable toppings.

The ramen packs contain two serves, and currently, three different varieties are available: Fat soy, chilli coriander, and vegetarian tomato tantan, each for just $23. They even cater for gluten-free eaters for an extra $4.

For when you’re after a proper feast, the restaurant has also found a way to freeze its gyoza dumplings and curry packs. The curry and rice packs, with a vegetarian option, are both $10, while a 12-piece gyoza pack is $16. There’s also a 40-piece pack for $38, which is amazing value and an excellent freezer staple for when you just want a little snack.

Chaco Bar is located at 238 Crown Street, Darlinghurst. To order, just call up or DM the eatery on Instagram and include your order, name, phone number, day and pick-up time.


Merivale at Home Brings Tottis, Mr. Wong and More to Your Door

Merrivale has launched Merrivale at Home, which is helping to both keep the hospitality group’s chefs employed while delivering some of the group’s fave menu offering to your door.

There are five menus to choose from that will be updated on the regular. Each menu serves up enough for two people, and are curated by five Merrivale head chefs (Jordan Toft, Dan Hong, Danielle Alvarez, Mike Eggert and Vincenzo Biodini) in the style of five beloved restaurants: Mr. Wong, Totti’s, Bert’s Bar & Brasserie, Fred’s and Vinnie’s Pizza.

The menus (from $70 to $105) are sent safely to your door, and come almost ready to eat “with the finishing touches easy enough for the home cook”. A quick look at the recipes page indicates those final touches include tasks like baking vegetables, chopping and dressing salad, and arranging platters.

The Tottis box, for example, serves up warm grilled eggplant with chili oil and pangrattato, cherry tomatoes with fresh herbs and olive oil, burrata with kombu and olive oil, sliced San Daniele prosciutto and Totti’s Bread, lamb ragu pappardelle, tagliolini with spinach and basil pesto, rocket and parmesan salad, and chocolate mousse to finish. And all for $90.

Head to the Merivale at Home website now to find out more and put in your order today.


The current health crisis is evolving rapidly. If you suspect you or a family member has coronavirus you should call (not visit) your GP or ring the national Coronavirus Health Information Hotline on 1800 020 080.

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