The Headlines: RIP Dry Autumn ‘Cause the Wet Weather Just Keeps Coming

Australia’s Big Splash of Rain Continues

My pals, get set to get drenched. For a storm cluster across the south-east of Australia is in its ninth day of creating rain for its clientele. What’s more, this cluster is predicted to create issues for NSW, Victoria, Queensland, and the ACT over the next 36 hours.

To be specific, Wednesday is expected to be a gnarly day for southern inland Queensland, most of NSW, and the eastern parts of Victoria. Thunderstorms are expected to hit Canberra before midday, and they then might hit Sydney after 12.00pm. 

Meanwhile, on Thursday, things might be pretty bad for Queensland. This is because Brisbane and its surrounding regions might receive some supercell storms. These storms are able to produce torrential rain and dangerous winds. 

As always, keep safe. Keep up with what the BOM and your local SES branch are saying about the rain in your neck of Australia.

Meta Is Lowering Its Employee’s Bonuses

If you’ve been following the news, you might know that Meta isn’t doing too crash hot at the moment. Late last year, it fired 11,000 of its employees. And this year, it fired another 10,000.

So, what is Meta’s next move? Well, it has started applying the pressure to its existing workforce. Meta is lowering the amount of bonus money it will distribute and making performance reviews a twice-yearly shindig. 

Now, Meta is known for having a super generous bonus programme. Higher performers are actually able to double or triple their base salary. But as of 2023, if you meet “most expectations,” you’ll receive 65% of your base salary. This number used to be 85%.

Additionally, some of Meta’s workers are stressed about having two performance reviews each year. Like most companies, these folks previously just had one.

“This is a Hunger Games situation,” said a Meta employee. 

“If you survive layoffs, you’ll be straight into performance review in June.”

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Australia’s Population Is Set to Boom

Meanwhile, back in Australia, the number of people living here is about to pop the heck off. This is because the Federal Government is going to allow 650,000 migrants to come and collab with us over the next two financial years.

So, how are our population experts feeling about this decision? Well, many of them are excited. They’ve been saying that Australia’s COVID pandemic created a lot of job shortages and that plenty of positions still need to be filled. 

As Steven Kennedy, our Secretary to the Treasury, said, “Increases in net overseas migration should help to ease skill and labour ­shortages, particularly for the hospitality and retail sectors.”

Additionally, the Home Affairs Minister, Clare O’Neil, noted, “We still have a long way to go to fill the gap in our workforce left by the pandemic.”

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